“If you knew the things your ego wanted to know, it might cause you to be attached to the outcome and not leave room for the “or better”.  Sometimes it’s in the highest good for all, that you go on the adventure
without knowing.” ~ J. Hough

In a time of great awakening, sometimes seeing all of who we are, where we are headed and the options to get there is a deterrent to following our instincts.  How could we live in the miracle zone, after all, if we already knew outcomes?

There is a huge difference between your “little me” wanting to know the answers to your life and the entirety of Infinite Wisdom conspiring to make sure you know only what is in the highest good.

Do you want to live your life, knowing the Universe has you on the journey of a lifetime whether you know it or not……or do you want to wait until you know a bit more, the ego gets appeased and then get on with it?  Just saying.  xoxoxo Jennifer

– – – – – – – P.S.
I’m not willing to give up the deliciousness of a miraculous life just because my mind sometimes wants to know ….are you?  xoxo