Want to experience true freedom?

From The Wide Awakening Weekly, July 30, 2015

“What would guide your actions if you were no longer trying to prove your worth, or to adhere to the definitions of who you are supposed to be? Only you can determine that, but I do know that you would finally be truly free.”
~ Jennifer Hough   (Tweet me!)

Hi There –

I was in beautiful Ireland last week with a group of amazing leaders, and was struck by the thirst, the heart and the open minds of the women and men I met. My heart is so full. I realized in our conversations that the only true jail we live in is the one in our mind. It’s the jail of the shoulds, have to’s, and need to’s, based on thousands of years of human history where we have collected the story for what it is to be a man or what it is to be a woman, or even what it is to be human.

Beyond the confines of the man-made paradigms lies the truth of who we are. We are Free. We are Expansive. We are Creative. We are Children of Life, living as adult 3-year-olds in wonderment at the privilege it is to be alive.

So, if you decided right now to hold all definitions of who you are very loosely, and to stop judging yourself against another’s definition (the billions of people who went before you), how much extra time would that create?


Hey, just bending time a little for you, adding hours to your day… just for something to do, since I had some extra time on my hands!

If this resonates for you, maybe it will for your friends, too…

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