Let’s tango… ready?

From The Wide Awakening Weekly, August 5, 2015

“You are in a dance with Creation. You and Creation alternate taking the lead in response to the others’ last few waltz steps. If you respond to your ego’s wishes instead of what life is handing you, you just took yourself out of the dance.”  J. Hough (Tweetable!)

August 5, 2015

Hi There –

It’s like two children deliciously building a sand castle together. If one of you stops playing, it feels like the other has all the say. You cannot wish the castle looked any other way or got built any faster, as it looks the way it looks and it isn’t about ‘getting anywhere fast’. Your job is to Create with what is… ‘CAUSE THAT’S THE MOST FUNNEST.’

Free to fly: I watched some incredible birds running on the beach and responding to the waves as they rolled in. They were running away with total glee and coming back when the waves rolled out, to find food in the sand. They were dancing directly with what life was giving them and simply assuming the yummy food would be there… knowing it in fact.

Lean in: Your job is not to judge what is before you. It is to dance with it, which includes saying “no” and flying away to another beach or “yes” and playing with the waves in front of you. It is only when either you or the Universe decides to stop Creating upon Creation that you start feeling like a victim of circumstances. Hint: The Universe never stops Creating… … …

With Love,

Jennifer  xoxooxoxox

Everything is Divine Timing regardless of your ego’s assessment. Since when did your ego ever steer you right anyhow? Are you still taking it seriously? Just checking… xoxox Jennifer

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