Solar eclipses, opportunities to choose, and trying times…

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“What is the greatest thing I can do, with the skills I have,
that would have me waking up knowing that
I used my life well today, and in my life?

Jennifer Hough

While I was with my parents in Bracebridge, Ontario, having a late Thanksgiving, miracles abounded.

My sisters and I had a beautiful conversation with our parents. This time of their life is so interesting for all of us. I am constantly speaking with their higher selves to make sure my connection with them is strong, I love them so.

I appreciate that I am skilled at communicating on many plains of existence.

Later, I chatted with a woman who’s brother decided he didn’t want to be on the planet anymore. I spoke to her while taking a walk. I did a much longer walk than I’d anticipated and, guided to a cemetery, I walked by four tombstones with the word ‘STRONG’ on them. Ya, she knew that he guided me because she spoke those words, very deliberately, during the funeral.

Serendipity abounded in our long-distance walk together and it was all because he was with us.

Then, I had a conversation with my dear friend Gil, in Israel. He, his wife and two sons, live in Jerusalem. He is safe but his wife is sitting Shiva for her best friend’s brother who lived in Gaza.

As I spoke to him, I could feel his stress. I expressed my deep yearning to do what I could for him; to answer the question: “What is the greatest thing I can do, with the skills I have, that would have me waking up knowing that I used my life well today, and in my life?”

He said that it was so wonderful to hear from me, and to know there are people who care outside of his country. He wanted to make sure we put them in our “Lighting You Up” group in our Agents of Awakening community. He asked that all are included (Palestinian and Jewish Israelis alike) in the activations of our weekly gathering.

I’m have been inspired and motivated to begin talking to my dear friend about a movement to bring the world together. It’s time, my friend.

The solar eclipse is a time for choosing a new future, the next path, an evolution in spirals.

You coming?

With love,



I don’t talk about this much…

I don’t talk about this much…

You know, we talk a lot about the physics of receiving and the physics of being in flow. We talk about falling in love with the mystery.

For a long time, I just wanted to push forward. Maybe it’s a dream you’re desperate to achieve, and you feel you just wanna push and make it happen? Then you learn about the Laws of Physics, or the Law of Attraction, or about meditation, whatever. You start using that and then you are thinking “I’m doing all the stuff, so how come it’s not happening?” You know?

I was really feeling a sense of urgency inside, calling me, telling me there IS something more. I was learning the Laws of Physics and beginning to put them into practice. It still felt like things were moving slowly. I knew things could move faster and I didn’t understand why they weren’t. Oh boy, I’d get so frustrated! Can you relate to any of this?

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How is it that we can flourish through 2024?

How is it that we can flourish through 2024?

Flourishing through 2024 starts with understanding the laws of physics as they pertain to the intentions of people. Why is this significant and why will some people flourish while others don’t?

What was the theme of 2023 for you personally, and globally, in relationships, purpose and love? As you write down those themes, notice any problems or challenges which may be carried into 2024. Also, look at the themes playing out in the wider world, as they give context to what is yet to be completed.

It’s crucial to look at this, although most people don’t. By investing a little time, you’ll begin to see what’s going to influence the new year as it’s the contrast from the past which becomes the catalyst for what’s to come, helping you determine potential outcomes.

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Stress – it’s actually pretty simple

Stress – it’s actually pretty simple

I have a lot to do, and I wish it was all done … but do I? Don’t I love creating? Did I forget that?

As I took a look at my Tedx talk, my slide deck for Tedx, prepping for the amazing workshop we’re running around completing 2023 and embodying our vision for 2024, seeing my parents, having Christmas with my stepdaughters and with three people in TWA sick right now … ahhhhhhh!

But is it all innately stressful? Or was I just judging the distance between what I could see was possible and what currently exists and that it might not get done? The implications of it not getting done? In reality, we could make our circumstances very dramatic, or step into flow.

Here are the choices if you want to step into flow:

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