Solar eclipses, opportunities to choose, and trying times…

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“What is the greatest thing I can do, with the skills I have,
that would have me waking up knowing that
I used my life well today, and in my life?

Jennifer Hough

While I was with my parents in Bracebridge, Ontario, having a late Thanksgiving, miracles abounded.

My sisters and I had a beautiful conversation with our parents. This time of their life is so interesting for all of us. I am constantly speaking with their higher selves to make sure my connection with them is strong, I love them so.

I appreciate that I am skilled at communicating on many plains of existence.

Later, I chatted with a woman who’s brother decided he didn’t want to be on the planet anymore. I spoke to her while taking a walk. I did a much longer walk than I’d anticipated and, guided to a cemetery, I walked by four tombstones with the word ‘STRONG’ on them. Ya, she knew that he guided me because she spoke those words, very deliberately, during the funeral.

Serendipity abounded in our long-distance walk together and it was all because he was with us.

Then, I had a conversation with my dear friend Gil, in Israel. He, his wife and two sons, live in Jerusalem. He is safe but his wife is sitting Shiva for her best friend’s brother who lived in Gaza.

As I spoke to him, I could feel his stress. I expressed my deep yearning to do what I could for him; to answer the question: “What is the greatest thing I can do, with the skills I have, that would have me waking up knowing that I used my life well today, and in my life?”

He said that it was so wonderful to hear from me, and to know there are people who care outside of his country. He wanted to make sure we put them in our “Lighting You Up” group in our Agents of Awakening community. He asked that all are included (Palestinian and Jewish Israelis alike) in the activations of our weekly gathering.

I’m have been inspired and motivated to begin talking to my dear friend about a movement to bring the world together. It’s time, my friend.

The solar eclipse is a time for choosing a new future, the next path, an evolution in spirals.

You coming?

With love,



Stay with me on this…

Stay with me on this…

‘Or betters’ present frequently when we simply remember ourselves as the embodied intention of everything we’ve ever lived in any life. They manifest when we remember our free will to choose, realizing our trajectory is the result of every past life, every desire, and every prayer you have ever prayed.

‘Or betters’ happen when you live like control is overrated. Understanding the resources of the omnipotent and omniscient Creation will deliver for you so far beyond anything your lovely (please don’t hate me) pea brain can intend is key. Your brain only accesses your history, the programs you learnt in school and paradigms you’ve created through the years, and who wants to ‘rinse and repeat’ that again?

Your greater Wisdom is constantly dancing with the trajectory you are on. You’re a living intention, without ever needing to use your brain to intend. Infinite Wisdom is in a dance with you, responding to your every thought and, perhaps ever more, to your actions. It’s responding to your life’s purpose. The thing is, you can’t mentally intend your way to an awesome life.

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My two favorite words…

My two favorite words…

When our actions resonate with our purpose and we’re aligned with the Universe’s potential for us, it’s such an expansive feeling.

The feeling of expansiveness validates you are in flow.

The alignment with greater wisdom is translated through our body as feelings of ‘woo hoo’, ‘yes!’, goosebumps, or fun! It’s confirmation that we’re acting and thinking in line with our ‘highest and best’ life, using our skills and personality, creating in the most aligned way.

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Being Happy 101

Being Happy 101

Being Happy 101 – With the next Flight School (our nine-month program) about to start, I’m aware of some pretty powerful insights about my own life, ten of them in fact!

One: Reacting to circumstances definitely leads to drama. Drama always takes me out of my knowing, distracting me from my connection with Innate Wisdom.

Two: My happiness absolutely cannot come from circumstances changing. My happiness must be accessible, regardless of circumstances. It cannot be dependent on how the world is, how the people in my life behave, or an expectation that everything should be perfect. Everything is becoming which, by definition, means it isn’t perfect.

Three: It’s not my job to carry the weight of the world. My job is to show up in love and compassion. It’s not my job to make other people happy but rather to learn to be grounded in my heart. It’s not my job to protect my heart but to emanate from the heart.

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