From the Wide Awakening Weekly, Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Opening to more love …  

“Heaven is not a place, it is a state of being that we emanate and infuse into the world around us.”
~ Jennifer Hough  (Tweet this!)

I had to return to Canada, be away from my sweetie and I was so sad… and of course I found myself with a cold. To make matters worse, I kept focusing on it and took myself down a grease-lined slippery slide to ickiness…….hmmmmm. Ever done that?  Like a dog with a bone?

At the same time, I find it incredible that when I remembered how much I love him, and start inventing ways to feel our connection even more from a distance, the ickiness almost immediately vanished.

With others, it also seems so simple. The more I stop to understand without judgment, the more compassion I have. The more I am generous of spirit, the more people cannot be in their ego around me.  BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE MORE I AM CREATING NEW WAYS TO LOVE AND ACT ON THEM, IT BECOMES IMPOSSIBLE TO BE IN THE DENSITY.

I know, I’m a bit PollyAnna but PollyAnna did change a village with love, so I’m just going to own it.

With love,

Jennifer xoxoxo

P.S.  Be careful which bone you pick up, or refuse to let go of, but then again, it’s your life. Do what you want. (I love reverse psychology, don’t you?  LOL!)

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