It’s easy for me to disconnect from my future

“It is so disempowering to our partners,
and those we love, to not know that ‘they have this’.

Jennifer Hough

I want to share with you this week a recent experience with my sweetie about staying connected to others, and what good is that if you are not connected to yourself!

His back has been really hurting him lately, and he is doing so much to ensure he makes his connection to his body, the future he wants, and his guidance.

When he is in pain, it’s easy for me to disconnect from my future, my guidance and my heart because I worry. Which, of course, doesn’t last very long (minutes, in fact) because you know what I know… that it is so disempowering to our partners and those we love to not know “they have this.”

In fact, worrying has the opposite result from the one I desire, which is that he finds his way to healing and health. My worry tells consciousness that I don’t trust his connection, nor does he have his own ability to heal.

So what’s there to do instead? Well, there’s working in the backyard, going for a walk, writing this article, and/or being in forward-facing meetings.

It’s all considered time spent activating my future in the now, and I am excited for what is to come.

I will share that with Adam as well, when he is in receiving mode.

BE a powerful champion of your vibration… face forward… never mind what is going on with another, unless they ask.

In the meantime, KNOW THAT THEY HAVE THIS!!!

With love,





I’m at Wholefoods writing this. The house, and my office pull on me too much. I’m prone to carrying my husband, although I mostly gave that up for lent! (I’m not Catholic, but you know what I mean).

Why take time away? Why move venues for a while? Why break from your focus?

Here’s my experience with thousands of clients, but more importantly myself.

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Why do passion and love matter in a way that can free us?

Why do passion and love matter in a way that can free us?

There I was watching Interstellar (the movie), yet again! I’m passionate about physics. I love the images and experiences this movie shares around ideas that most simply hypothesize about. Here’s the cool thing … There are very few things that transcend every dimension. I didn’t really get it viscerally until then, although intellectually I have heard it many, many times before.

You can feel passionately about, and feel love for ideas that have yet to be created or which have already died, the beauty of space and the Universe, and complete intangibles, like God.

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How do we thrive in a 3D world built for linear people?

How do we thrive in a 3D world built for linear people?

Listen, most people are as sensitive as you, they’ve simply forced themselves to be very linear and rigid. The result is that most people simply survive. They have okay love (or at least they did), they protect what is theirs but they never really find out what it is to exponentially co-create what’s possible, embracing both meaning and fulfillment personified.

Doing this will take these five things:

1. COURAGE – to let go of familiar patterns….

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