The Brain Bridge That Changed My Life!

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“You are constantly communicating
your frequency, mood,
and level of awareness,
and it is being imprinted on the world around you.
The world around you is influencing you as well.

Jennifer Hough

After working with “Brain Bridges” for a short while, I experienced a huge paradigm “Brain Bridge” that changed my life so much. I couldn’t even work on belief shifting anymore, because my right brain convinced my left brain of such a deep, long-awaited truth.

When I say deep truth, I mean a deep truth for now, not forever. My experience is that truths evolve based on what we know about science, consciousness and physics, and we can’t even hold on to those.

As a Holographic Seer, I often see and speak paradigm shifts and find out their scientific explanation later. This was one of those cases. I was watching a documentary called “Superhuman.” It explains the Innate Abilities that cause us to be alchemical. For three years, the wakened dreams I was having showed me multidimensional DNA that allows us to access non-3D abilities, and junk DNA seemed to be connected to the mystery in my dreams.

Junk DNA does not encode proteins like regular DNA. Therefore, for a long time, scientists didn’t know its function. I started to understand that it did have a function, which I will talk about more below. I was so inspired that I created a program about our superpowers, called Innate Abilities. Science is currently showing that multidimensional DNA is quite possible, and even likely, but that is for another time. More importantly for me is an interesting experiment that the FBI demonstrated in the “Superhuman” documentary.

Ben Hansen used to work for the FBI and now runs around the world looking into detecting instrumental transcommunication (ITC). Most people think that sound waves are how communication happens, and a tape recorder will pick up on those waves. Makes sense.

But most people don’t realize that our words, thoughts, and voices also transmit electromagnetic energy. So, when you speak, you can pick up on electromagnetic energy and play the electromagnetic message through a player that offers the exact same message as the sound waves did on the recorder. Since your electromagnetic voice can be picked up by an induction coil, that means humans can pick up on your words without ears to hear.

You are affecting others, and they are affecting you, as you are an inducer and electromagnetic being. The point of this is that the Earth, the solar system, and your body are all electromagnetic in nature and are inductive. You are constantly communicating your frequency, mood, and level of awareness, and it is being imprinted on the world around you; the world around you is influencing you as well.

Yet another way we are, again, connected. This is how we can think of someone halfway around the world, and they call you.

Shifting the paradigm about how deeply we are connected to Life and to each other, and that it is explainable scientifically, left every belief I had in question. I started to hold my beliefs very loosely. I became much less interested in what to believe, and far more interested in co-creating with other creator friends.

I mean, how much fun is that!?

With love,

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Greetings for this new year!

Greetings for this new year!

This past year offered so much clarity and contrast, bringing ‘the dark into the light’, revealing it both in the world, and in my own life.

As we’re shutting the door on the closing year, let’s declare it complete, with great gratitude.

I know I’m so thankful for all that came to light, making me laser beam focused on this coming year. I’m looking at ways to assist humanity more creatively than I’ve ever considered before, and all while simplifying as much as possible. Phew!

Our choices are clear. We either continue arguing for sides and trying to fix the past, or start engaging, as the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew, towards finding solutions for our lives, communities, and the wider world.

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Happy Merry Everything to you…

Happy Merry Everything to you…

After listening to the news of a dear friend really struggling at this time of year, and some news I was aware of another colleague who was deeply depressed, it became pretty apparent what I wanted to share with you at this intense time of year.

This time of year can be so beautiful and yet it can also be challenging as there are several coinciding significant events.

1. The Winter Solstice: which is an opportunity to look at our choices, restart, and go within to remember ourselves as we move into the next major phase of the year.

2. A major figure’s birthday: Jeshuah represents compassion and forgiveness in the world, Christ consciousness being about unconditional love.

3. The End of a Yearly Cycle and the Beginning of a New One: These combined focus points allow us access to the love needed to move through just about anything, if we so choose.

At the same time, everything that is incomplete, ready to be transmuted, or unnecessary for the year to come will surely reveal itself.

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When things change…

When things change…

Well, my old backpack died after 13 years of climbing mountains, going to swim with dolphins, and chasing rainbows in Hawaii. It’s the beige backpack. I’m thinking of all the people whom we’ve taken on Wide Awakening Adventures and program trips (including you!)

Honestly, letting it go was hard as I happily remembered being with Cathy in Bimini, Vikki in Italy, Nika in Asheville, Amy in Abaco, Jenny in Uxbridge, and so many more special moments. That backpack was a constant companion for all of it. When I threw it in the trash, I really felt I should have a ceremony, SO I DID!

It feels like everything is up to leave this year … clearing the decks with the Winter Solstice, Jeshua’s birthday coming, New Year celebrations, and all.

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