“I found seeking to understand to be absolutely the most productive way to bring harmony and wisdom to any situation.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

Doesn’t it feel horrible when we get into conflict with another? Oh, and isn’t it even worse when we feel lost and don’t have the tools or skills to bring harmony to the situation?

Recently, I had a conversation with a gentleman who was having a difficult time with life, and his frustration was aimed at me. There are some powerful skills that have simply become my lexicon, that have assisted me in having a harmonious, delicious and expansive conversation, which I feel I really have to share. This also will give you a little taste of our upcoming “everyone’s invited” Webinar, called “The 3 Skills for Moving Through Conflict with Grace – So You Can Rock Your Relationships.”

See what happened in the conversation… so yummy… Watch here:

With an open heart,



Hi there! Alright!

You know, the other day I was talking to a gentleman who was referred to me. This particular story is about how sometimes we can have someone in front of us who’s a little resistant, or someone who feels very combative, or maybe they perceive they are upset with you. I say “perceive” they are upset with you because, in the end, there’s always something else going on. So, in the spirit of St. Francis’s prayer, I always seek to understand. I found seeking to understand to be absolutely the most productive way out of an argument or a misunderstanding.

So, let me give you an example. I was talking to this gentleman, and he was really frustrated, and sometimes it seemed like he was frustrated with me; sometimes it seemed like he was frustrated with the process; sometimes it seemed like he was frustrated with himself. I asked his permission; because, the other thing is, it’s a vulnerable dive when you truly seek to understand, whether it’s about you, or the other person, or what’s going on. And I said, “Would you be willing to…?” Those are three or four words that are really important in my life: “Would you be willing to take a dive and look at how come this energy is going on?” And he said, “Of course.” So, we started asking vulnerable questions and looking at what was going on in his life and what was going on in my life. We were truly in the action of seeking to understand, and in the end, what we discovered is actually how sensitive each of us is, and that we were feeling everything. This process can show people that they were overall very frustrated; that they’ve never been understood; and that no one had ever cared enough, or took the time, to be understood, to really listen. In talking with him, he, in fact realized that he hadn’t taken the time to really understand what was going on with him. In the process we laughed, we cried; it was a very beautiful conversation that started off with anger and frustration and really, you know… pokiness.

So, part of this involves also being willing to know that there’s always a way. So, you might want to ask yourself, if you know you’re going to go into one of those conversations, are you willing to know that there’s always a way? Are you willing to be shown? I thought I’d share that with you in the spirit of an upcoming Workshop that we’re doing.

It’s all about transcending the struggle in relationships, and, in fact, it’s an introductory Workshop to Get Out of Your Own Way™ to Relationships that Rock. The Workshop is actually happening on March 29th, which is soon! You have REGISTER in order to participate, and in order to register, you have to go to (well… you don’t HAVE to go to, but if you feel inspired and you would really love to know more things like this) www.TheWideAwakening.com/GetOutIntro.

Jeannie Selda, Adam Lamb and I are getting together, and we are going to have a juicy conversation! Jeannie is our General Manager, Adam is my husband (in fact, my Sweetie Pie), and it’s called “The 3 Skills for Moving Through Conflict with Grace – So You Can Rock Your Relationships.” That means with your kids, and that means in your work; you can take these tools and apply them everywhere. They are some of the juiciest tools from Relationships That Rock, so you can get a sense of the kinds of conversations that will go on there; and, you’ll walk away with things you can really use. This juicy conversation, our introductory Workshop, is Wednesday, March 29th, at 8PM Eastern time. We’ll be on for about 90 minutes; you will definitely see some things a different way. So, go register at TheWideAwakening.com/GetOutIntro.

We’ll see you there! Make sure you register, tell a friend, or even just pass on this particular video to someone; they’ll get the information and they’ll also hear my little story. OK, have a great Wide Awakening Day! Love you! [Blows Kiss]