“You know you are an Awakener when you feel like you don’t fit in, and definitely always want to emanate more love out… and wish everyone else would, too.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

Someone asked me recently, who are the people that come to work with you? How would you characterize them?

It got my wheels spinning… what are the symptoms that you are Awakening? I thought it was really funny as I looked at my own symptoms and the symptoms of those close to me. Maybe you’ll see yourself in this video…

Love you and can’t wait to hear your feedback!

With an open heart,



Hi… it’s Jennifer here! I want to talk with you about why you find yourself here. We’ve called it many things, from the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew, to the Not Belonging Club, to Leaders, and Star Seeds; but, these are the people who tend to come and work with us. I want to give you some characteristics of those people to see if that might describe you.

Do you love the movies like “Avatar,” or “The Matrix?” These kinds of movies are not just movies, they’re something more. By the way, if you haven’t seen “Arrival” yet, it is AMAZING and is another one of those “eye openers!”

The second way we know, and you might know you are a member of the Not Belonging Club, is that you may find yourself having mood shifts or changes in your beingness that don’t seem to be coming from you. There might be something happening in your life; you’re shifting, or you feel something. Even down to feeling tired sometimes, and you don’t know why. There’s no reason why you should feel tired; you need a little bit of extra sleep, or you don’t need any sleep… so, big changes that way. Another surefire way you know you’re one of the people we love to work with, and a member of that Not Belonging Club, which is really a group of leaders, is that you may find yourself knowing that something different can happen on this planet, but you’re not really sure how to get there. You feel called; your heart feels called that you can do more. You also can see from a million feet up that something ain’t quite right when it ain’t quite right. It might have been with your family members; it could have been watching your parents’ relationship when you were little. You always knew what was actually going on when everyone else seemed a little bit oblivious. You always have a sense of what’s going on politically or economically; not specifically, but you know that something’s off and something big has got to change… you’ve got that feeling. Of course, leaders would be born with that sense, because in order to shift it, you’ve got to know it’s there.

Sometimes when you sleep, you might disappear, like completely off the planet; you disappear, you know you weren’t in your body. You might have an affinity for animals like dolphins or whales; an unexplained affinity for dolphins, or elephants, or certain animals you connect with, and you can’t really explain why you love them. Spirit animals; you might be drawn to places that might be considered “spiritual centers,” like Egypt or Peru or Maui, or islands or places where you know that big things have happened. Somehow, you feel called to these places, or these animals.

The other reason you might know that you’re part of this group is that you don’t always agree with what teachers say; like spiritual teachers, you are willing to question things, or you can even feel when something is off. You really feel called to be your own guru; you don’t want to be told that someone is your guru or your leader. Or, you know that you have ideas that are unique to you and they have power. You were probably told when you were little, or at some point, that you are too sensitive, or very sensitive; you might have called yourself an Empath at some point. I wouldn’t do that, because it’s not actually a label. You are sensitive, for good reason, which we get into in a lot of our programs, enabling you to channel that and drive that Ferrari; but, labeling yourself is not going to be helpful. You probably are incredibly sensitive. There’s a way of not picking up on every little thing; though; we’ll go into that some other time.

The next thing is you may have a huge affinity for nature. The harmony that exists in nature is something that’s important to you, and, in fact, you may even visit; go to the woods, go to the ocean, go somewhere that actually activates and reminds you. Another way you know is that maybe your children, or you, have been told you have ADD or ADHD. You know that it’s not a disorder. You also have a lot of empathy for people with what a doctor might call ADD, but what we’re going to call here just “genius,” really. To be able to utilize that genius is so powerful, but it is not a disorder, and I think if you have been labeled that, you probably have a sense that that’s true. You even have an affinity for children, or people who are on the Autism scale, or with Aspergers; you know that there’s really nothing wrong with them, that they’re living on some other plane… you have a sense of that.

I think you may feel that there is a necessity to speak your deeper truth, even if you’ve been scared to do that at some point. But you know there is a deeper truth, and it’s not being said sometimes in conversations….

I think my favorite one is that you know that love can win. You may not know how to get there in this world, in this life… you may not know exactly what to say, but you know that love is probably the most powerful force in this Universe. You’re not really attached to any religious dogma; you’re certainly more spiritual and introspective and interested and fascinated. You might be fascinated by other religions, but you’re looking for the ways everything, all of those belief systems, have something in common, rather than looking for how we divide. You know that religions were not made to divide people; you absolutely know from the bottom of your heart that religions are just pathways. You may have gone through phases where maybe you weren’t too happy with certain religions, but you’re finding your way back, or you’ve already found your way back to “we are not separate.”

I think the last one I’m going to mention is that you’re starting to find people who understand the world in the same way you do. It’s not a normal kind of friendship; you meet them, and usually within five minutes, you feel this powerful connection. That’ s part of our Star Seed ancestry, part of the familiarity that came from potential lifetimes of, not necessarily here in this dimension, where we’ve known each other in that Avatarian sense that we just see each other, where those words come forth, like, “I see you”.

These are some of the characteristics; you may not have all of them, but you might have quite a few of them, and these are the people with whom we work. These are the people (I know, because I’m one of them); I’m feeling inside of me that it’s time. Maybe, inside of you, you also have that feeling of “it’s time.” It’s time to shine your light, it’s time to get out of the world, it’s time to be your own piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth. It’s time to understand how to use the Super Powers of that sensitivity without it’s taking over you; it’s time to feel the things that are going on around you without feeling powerless, but knowing exactly what to do by embodying your Innate Abilities. It’s time to understand that there’s nothing wrong with ADD or ADHD or Autism; they’re actually evolutions of humanity, or catalysts for evolutions of humanity… it’s actually very special.

There are ways to funnel that and to be understood. There are ways to get tools to be able to thrive, and to be the leader in one way, shape, or form, that you were born to be. And you were, if you’re here and you’re still listening, born to be a leader. Not like scary, not like Ghandi, not even that you have to do web videos like this. You don’t have to do any of that; there’s a very specific expression of the piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth that you are, and our job at TWA and, specifically, my job, is to assist you to get out of the way of that, to embody all your Super Powers and to fly going forward. I’m so appreciative of you. I’m so appreciative ALWAYS of the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew, whether or not you knew you were part of it, I’m sure you do know now you’re part of it.