“The Universe knew exactly who your family was going to be before you go there, and most of those people will not be related to you.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Happy Holidays!!!

While this time of year we feel the pullings – from family, friends, holiday expectations, or general circumstances – we also have the opportunity to make choices as sovereign beings, from love, beyond the pullings.

This Holiday Season, I would like to share a couple of tools that may assist you to consistently enjoy each moment, without the guilt or density. Pass it on!

Get in your flow… and then ask, “What would love do?”

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How to Be in Harmony

Hi there, Jennifer here; Happy Holidays!

You know, I was just thinking about this time of year, and how much goes on, there’s a lot… not to mention, stuff with family. We wonder why we get pulled in so many different directions, and why we feel a little bit out of sorts. Sometimes, we feel as though we can’t get on with projects that we want to get on with, or sometimes we feel as though there are too many things going on, and we get frustrated by what’s happening around us because it seems to be drawing us “over here”… or drawing us “over there”. That’s just one of the issues that happens during the Holidays.

One of the other issues, this particular year, is there’s some intensity politically, that is pulling on us, and if we allow ourselves, we could just be drawn right down that worm-hole. Of course, there are also economic stresses, because we have a whole bunch of shoulds, musts, and have-to’s around Holidays; regarding what it needs to “look like”, what we “need” to buy people, or what we need to do for people, we’re taking time out of our work schedule, whatever the case may be.

There’s even more… there are all our family members, and they have all of their pulling – what they expect and project on you and other people.

So, there are a couple of tools I wanted to offer this Holiday Season. One of those tools is really understanding that the circumstances, people, and activity around you can be categorized; either as “The One”, or “The Fluid Connection”, OR… what I like to call the “Clarifying Event”… in order to invite that circumstance, that person, that interaction… to serve as a clarifying interaction. It becomes a catalyst rather than confirmation.

If we can put our circumstances, or our relationship, or our interactions in those two categories, what happens is, it starts to end the duality that happens around us. It ends the butting-heads, even if you want to retroactively re-perceive what’s already happened during the Holiday Season, as either a Clarifying Event, or an event that actually activated the kind of harmony that you are seeking.

The Clarifying Event just shows you what maybe could have gone differently, or maybe it’s time not to force other people to believe your opinion. It’s really allowing someone to be where they are at and let them have their own journey, which is a supreme act of love. It’s learning things about yourself, such that you can get over here, to the flow of being in your groove. Which means finding the wisdom from the Clarifying Event.

The last thing I want to say is that we don’t want to judge being “over here” in our harmonic experiences; we don’t want to judge them as better or good… we also don’t want to judge the Clarifying events as bad… because that only creates more polarity and that is what we’re really trying to get away from.

So, think of this time of year as an intense time where we have the opportunity to gain a tremendous amount of increased wisdom from those Clarifying events and also, truly, heart-feltedly feel those connections, such that we activate what we were designed for… which is harmony and flow, and figuring out how to really enjoy much, much more.

I hope that helps you. I know it is something that really helped me not to judge, or get taken out by the Holiday Season, or any other time of the year. I’m just going to say this one other thing… remember, that the Universe knew exactly who your family was going to be before you go there, and for many, most of those people will not be related to you. Embrace your Soul Family… you may have some in your family that are biologically related to you, but most of them actually are not. Oftentimes if you’re born into a biological family that feels unfamiliar to you, you’re the Guide, the Wise Guide who has lots of contrast, and is learning.

Alright, that’s it for now! Big Hugs! [Blows kiss] Enjoy… really find your way to enjoyment, see you next time!