“Feelings of powerlessness come and go, because it depends on which thought you let drive.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Happy Holidays!!!

This season can be fun-filled and exciting, unfortunately sometimes, it can also trigger feelings of powerlessness.

My awareness of these powerless feelings through an amazing video I did earlier led to today’s message, and that understanding the deeper truth of how these feelings come to pass can be viewed through a different lens… which can open the door to enough light, that we can find our power again. (If you want to watch the video that led to today’s message, I will be posting the video on our www.facebook.com/groups.twaplayground page. Join us there for some amazing discussion, connection and community!)

Wanna know how to change your perspective, and to experience a shift which will allow you to defeat the darkness of Holiday/Seasonal Depression?

Watch here…

May your holidays be filled with openings, expansion, and deeper awarenesses that help you bring Heaven where ever you go!

With an open heart,


Transcend Depression

How are you today? I just felt inspired to share a message, based on a video that I saw today on social media, and I actually shared it. There was a young man that did an amazing job on a video all about Depression… you can look it up on Facebook.com/WideAwakening, if you’d like, but… What I wanted to share, is that I’ve been there, and there are little doorways that assist us to see more light. Also, that I think it occurs on the Spectrum. I mean, you’re not either Depressed, or not Depressed.. I think we actually go through varying degrees of feeling down or feeling powerless, or having the wind taken out of our sails… sometimes, many times a day.

I wanted to offer a little bit of assistance in this neighborhood, because, if we take away the label, and we realize that we all go up and down with the degree to which we feel powerless all the time. We start to understand that powerlessness is not, actually, the truth. Powerlessness is based on our perspective on life. Powerlessness really has to do with comparing ourselves to some vision about where we thought we should be; comparing ourselves to the projections of our parents about where we think we should be, comparing ourselves to societal… either movies, or T.V. … all the stories about where a successful human being should be. We compare ourselves to other people, we look around us and we think that we could, or we should, have done what they did. And then, what happens is, we start to feel more, and more, and more down…

I remember, one time, I had a friend who, actually, ended up on “Oprah”, and I remember I had been doing everything in my power, at least at the time… what I thought was in my power… to be on “Oprah”. Not because I wanted to be on “Oprah” for Oprah’s sake, but, because I was so inspired by her work. I wanted it to go to as many people as it could, I remember when my friend went on “Oprah”, after years of working with her on stuff, to get our work out into the world… I remember being upset, I remember actually getting… this is years ago, this was 15 years ago… I remember feeling really heartsick inside, thinking, “ugh…” And then, I heard this little voice, it said, “Jennifer, if someone that close to you is expanding into that world, and effecting that many…”, by the way, another one of my friends recently just got on, “Super Soul Sunday”… If people that close to you have that going on in their lives, you have to know that you’re vibrating at that level because they’re around you. So, not only should you not take that as a sign that you should feel powerless, you really ought to take that as a sign that your Higher Levels are sending you what’s possible. Visions of what’s possible. And, they are constantly all around you, and that it is showing up around you is amazing, use it as fuel, use it as an inspiration… know that consciousness only sends you real-life examples of things that are completely within your wheelhouse. Keep going.

It did change things for me, but the other part of it… and, I did shift… and, I did get a little more excited… the other part of it was this: That it really doesn’t matter what people around you are doing, or what your parents said about where you should be, or what the T.V. says, or what your school says. We get projected on a lot… and those projections really have nothing to do with the way the entire Universe sees us, as a piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth. And, so, understand that the feelings of powerlessness come and go, because, it completely depends on which thought you’re going to tap into; and how you know which thoughts are closer to the truth, is that the ones that feel expansive, the perspectives that feel inspiring… the ideas that get you up in the morning, the actions that give you energy… all of those, the reason you feel that way, is because the Universe gave you feelings to identify whether you are following your path, or not.

You can feel powerless based on judgments or circumstances if you’d like, or you could actually listen to god-given feelings, which give you an indication of whether you’re following an expansive path, or not. Whether you’re following the path that you were designed for, or not. As soon as you start judging others, and you feel contracted, that’s because you’re not supposed to follow their path… you’re not supposed to follow your parents’ perspective on who you should be, you’re not supposed to follow the television, or your schools’ perspective on who you should be. It’s constantly looking in your heart for validation that you’re in an expansive flow, and being relentlessly a champion, with the actions, thoughts, people, self-treatment that would cause you to be back in that flow. Easy to say when you’re in the middle of feeling powerless, not so easy to do. But, exercise the muscle, it helps a lot.

Alright, for now, this is Jennifer, signing off… LOVE YOU!