Sometimes I just connect with a conversation so profoundly because it is based on a question that I’ve been asking for ages… one that is begging for clarity. Have you ever have that happen?  Where it’s just “BAM!” This is exactly what I needed to understand more deeply.
So juicy.

Here is a more accurate premise of the question, or conundrum, that I was having.

First, to call anyone a Healer didn’t feel quite right to me. It felt partially like “giving one’s power away,” and partially like it might bring up the energy of being broken and needing fixing. Healers can be guru-ized, and there’s the whole paradigm around “I don’t want to fly, until everything is healed.” Uh, that one stops a lot of people from getting on with their lives.

At the same time, I have such reverence for myself as a ‘healer’, and those who have ‘healed me’. But still, the language wasn’t quite resonating with me, so I wanted to find new words to accurately describe what actually happens in physics. I find the more deeply I understand the reality/physics of events, the more power I have in any situation.  

For the world to “heal” (see, I don’t even like saying that), moreso, for the world to find its way back home to congruency and flow (see, that feels better), the deeper understanding is necessary. The words of understanding matter more deeply…

Above is a little clip from Class 2 of the Quintessential Skill of Awakening on the Fastrack, on this exact subject.

I just wanted a more powerful way to relate to what was going on with anyone who is a healer or a “heal-ee.’


You will find a powerful new paradigm about being whole and complete, about healing, about Divine Perfectionism, and so much more that will change the way you approach life, in order to find that FLOW, EASE AND EFFORTLESSNESS.  Thank you Glenda for that powerful question!

This is especially important for coaches, those who have felt unwell or stalled in life, healers, leaders, and parents alike.

You have one (1) week to watch this class (unless you purchased the whole program). Then we will bring you Class 3.

Exciting times!

Love you… and can’t wait to hear your feedback!


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