Doing it alone is so overrated. There are so many examples I have of thinking that I need to prove myself. But in order to prove myself, I would need to accomplish everything on my own.  Why? Because if you let others assist you, then you can’t really say that you proved anything to others or yourself about your genius, right? Or at least that’s what that interesting “scared little girl” would have me believe.

In the end, I had to decide whether my life was about me, or about being the difference in the world that I am. I was so deeply connected to trying to prove myself, my colleagues called me “the lone wolf.” I had to choose between surviving and simply “getting by better” than I had previously, or actually stepping into the world of thriving.  

Now, I didn’t have any clue what it took to thrive. Hence, my personality would have much preferred to control everything (work, money, relationships), so that I could predict the outcomes. The problem was that if I stayed in control, there would be no room for the miraculous nature of the Universe to surprise and delight me.

It took a bit of a leap of faith, really. It took a lot of courage. Actually, I would say that it started with a leap of faith that opened a whole new world for me. I was in England at the time… it was my first trip over there, and I had no idea what I was doing being on a stage in front of a thousand people.

That one step led to so many more courageous steps. In fact, I would say that living by instinct and doing what life presents has caused the “thriving” that I was seeking.

Ironic that now I teach the language that consciousness speaks through our cells, such that anyone can thrive. Without the difficulty and decades of learning I had to go through. We teach that which we most need to learn? Yep.

The cool thing is, once I gained the confidence in my instincts and felt comfortable being in the land of “not knowing where I’m going,” quantum leaps started to happen. I started to love bringing other people into my world, and was no longer afraid of anyone taking my power away. No more “Lone Wolf.” In fact, playing with others exponentiated the receiving of many gorgeous gifts, and so much love.

I wish that for everyone… I know that if we all had our power back in that way, we wouldn’t need to get our power from others. That is my diabolical plot for world peace.

With love,


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