“Every human being has access to the DNA that allows them to embody what others have called ‘gifts’. What others call Super Human, is actually normal.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

I just returned from a wonderful week in Los Angeles. I loved my journey, as I met with several beautiful beings who have obvious so-called “gifts”… like the Creator of a form of Feng Shui that assists your body/look and your colors to be congruent with your message (Billy Yamaguchi); a wizard of marketing who is a seer who helps you skip very long winded processes and ‘go direct’ with your message (Marisa Murgatroyd); a genius at activating your more aligned biochemistry through mind movies that assist to permanently shift your consciousness (Natalie Ledwell); a wizard of systems to help world changers get their books into the marketplace (Jesse Krieger); a walking heart with legs who is changing life in Kenya sustainably for thousands of people, all through the power of her passion, ingenuity and love (Cynthia Kersey); and a truly gifted business woman whose Superpowers to see the bigger picture of what needs to happen in your business is beyond anyone I know (Laura Gisborne). I had a sit-down with every single one of these incredible people.

Know what I found out?

They are no different than you or me. They have simply embodied their Superpowers (or what we call Innate Abilities) more than most. It’s just practice, my friend. Little steps over time, consistently.

I know you have Superpowers… and you are using them already. You do it every day with your children, your sweetie, nature, and life itself. The first step is acknowledging you DON’T have a problem… LOL.

Glass ceilings are only real when you don’t participate in the stuff that you see plain as day on the other side of the glass. Come on and jump in; the water’s fine!

Want to know more about superpowers?
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With an open heart,



Hello there! I want to share a little bit about our program, “Innate Abilities,” which is really, for me, the “Academy of Human Superpowers.”

You might ask, “Why did you put that together… that’s pretty way out there!” At the time, when I started what I was seeing about human beings as we went around the world (and I’ve worked with tens of thousands of people), I started to realize that there are some abilities innate to human beings; we call those “gifts.” In fact, my eye always twitched when I heard the expression, “You know I have a gift,” or when people got put on a pedestal because of their “gifts,” or people who gave their power away to people with “gifts.” That led to a real investigation of whether they were/are “gifts,” if that is the right word, or are they actually evolutions of what human beings can do? I started to look and I thought, “Can people learn intuition?”

Some people are amazing at moving the energy of an entire room; some people just know what to say at the right time. We all have had those moments. I’m sure you’ve had those moments where you say something to someone, and it’s the one thing they needed to hear; they start to consider their whole life, or whatever happened to them. All of a sudden, everything shifts. Maybe someone’s said that to you… it’s happened to me, too. I thought to myself, “Those abilities aren’t in our regular genetics; they aren’t in our double-stranded DNA. So, the question then became for me, “Where do those abilities life? How do people commune with trees?” I remember watching this amazing video of two kids in Germany, speaking to a tree that had fallen over, and it was so clear that they really were speaking to it; it was just matter-of-fact for them. I remember actually talking to my dog, not in a bizarre way, but actually communing, feeling, and understanding my dog when I was five or seven or eight.

I realized that this is not a Superpower for “special” people; reading energy is not for psychics, it’s not even a label. But actually, we do have multi-dimensional genetics. We have codes; we have biology that’s atrophied because we haven’t used it; it’s part of our junk-DNA. I started to integrate and investigate and be really curious, and to go on the adventure of schooling myself and waking up to those abilities. I became very excited about sharing them with everyone. One of the things that I discovered was that those abilities actually have an essential ingredient, called Photon-packages of Light. Specific frequencies of Photon-packages of Light are around all the time. They come from the sun and they come from each other, and they contain information about your Innate Abilities that helps you to upgrade and be able to embody those Innate Abilities. They can’t embody unless you’re coming from love. There’s actually science that supports that. So, in other words, isn’t it amazing that these Superpowers are available, and usable, by people whose hearts are in the right place as well? I know that integrating with these Innate Abilities, these human Superpowers, has been one of the most life-changing things for me, and it’s one of the most natural next steps when someone starts to Awaken; when someone starts to get out of the way of the entire Universe.

I can’t wait to hear back from you. I can’t wait for you to post some comments on our Facebook page or send us an email either after or during an Innate Abilities program that you’ve done, including our Home Study (https://thewideawakening.com/innate-abilities-home-study/). It’s pretty life-changing! I’m always inspired by the emails and the comments that we get; very powerful, veRy in-depth, very interactive, great homework. Let us know, and have a great time with your human Superpowers! Lots of love… here’s to our journey together! Thanks for being on the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew! Bye for now!