“You are the bringer of life to that which lies in pure potential. That’s what a Creator does.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

Do you realize that you contain the pure, unadulterated potential of the entire Universe? Do you know that your love of creating, plus your willingness not to be distracted from following your heart, equals non-3D dreams becoming reality?

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With an open heart,



In the entire Universe, you are only love.

Know that love can create anything; it can create even things that look like less than love. But, love created all of them; You created all of them; Creator created all of them. It created the idea that you needed protection; that somehow, something could hurt you so badly that you would disappear. But that’s impossible; you’re infinite, you’re Creation, so how could you just disappear? It’s impossible.

It created interesting and fascinating thought forms, entities, and paradigms that said, if you don’t look this way, you’re not enough; if you don’t act this way, you’re not enough. If someone else behaves this way toward you, it means something about you. If someone treats you as less-than, then you must be less-than. It gave the paradigm “we’re so powerful, humans are so powerful,” that they create the paradigm that says that “Creation is not what we are. We’re not Creation at all; in fact, what we are is lowly humans, we’re just three-dimensional”. But is that true? Are we just three-dimensional? Of course we’re not! How can you have instincts and intuitions and “knowingnesses,” and meet people and just be in love with them instantly? None of that is from three-dimensions; that’s from the other dimensions. Of course you’re multi-dimensional. In fact, you were multi-dimensional first, and then you met your three-dimensional body that adores you!

Even your body is 75-trillion units of absolutely unconditional love for you! So much love, in fact, each of those individual entities; that was your first relationship when you got here. Your relationship with 75-trillion living entities that love you so much that when you are in paradigms that are less than love, or believing in thought forms that have been projected upon you, or taking on ideologies that have nothing to do with the piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth that you are… you get symptoms. Your body will relentlessly let you know that, because it loves you that much.

Your best friend is someone who will tell you that you are off. Imagine being that loved! Never mind, don’t take yourself out by going to those symptoms and start analyzing what it’s trying to tell you. Just stay present to the fact that it loves you so much that it’s telling you something. 75-trillion individual units of love, that’s your first relationship; that’s how much you’re not going to be hurt. You are loved beyond measure.

Now, let’s take it to the next level…

That is proof-positive! What we just mentioned is proof-positive that all there is, is love. In fact, all you are encompasses units of possibility, of potential. You have the capacity to take pure potential, the space between the atoms, the space between the electrons, the space between the protons, and the space between all of that. You have the potential to take the space between all of that, and bring it into 3-D, simply by knowing that “I” (you) can be. That’s the power of the love of Creation.

Power of the love of Creation means that you can also create things that are counter to that. But your body is proof-positive that all it is, is love!