The Wide Awakening WeeklyFrom the Wide Awakening Weekly, Friday, Jan 2, 2015:

A Message from the Collective Cosmic Support Team: The Deeper Parts of Your Ego Are Up To Leave. Have ya noticed? Have you? Buttons being pushed, chains being yanked, nerves being stepped on … … … Are some of them yours?
This time of year is such a beautiful thing. It is an opportunity for change, if you are paying attention, and apparently our Collective Cosmic Support Team is.

What is spurring this love note? Five dear friends are all very sick, 11 clients with all their money stuff ready for a major shift, several emails about physical symptoms, and a whole bunch of relationship-related challenges. This time of year is such a beautiful thing. It is an opportunity for change, if you are paying attention.


Remember a New Year is here. Your Higher Levels (we) have listened to what you are asking for on the deepest level of your heart. We have heeded every shift your spirit is calling you toward. We have looked at all of the journeyers that are also Awakening, and in perfect timing (as this is the only timing we know), we have orchestrated the circumstances that would bring up anything that is slowing you down.

The appropriate response to that which is coming up is the question: “How is this happening FOR ME versus TO ME?” Then your job is to listen, watch, be, take time to be quiet and get what you need to get. Take notes, my friend. It is time to keep a recorder in your purse, a notebook by your bed and a journal at your desk. Write it down, phone a friend and get it heard, let yourself bring the wisdom through. After you bring it through, just burn it, throw it away, or erase it, because then it will be time to get on with Creating Upon Creation at a whole other level.

You don’t want to contemplate the density you just transcended, now, do you? You have so much to get on with in life. We know that the busy-ness of this season often drowns out the heart’s call……but not for long. You see, the roles you play are no match for the entire Universe’s love and exhilaration for who you are and why you are here. Oh, it may temporarily feel like you are powerless and without aim, but that is simply the old energies coming up to leave. Pay them no mind. Simply watch with fascination (or be dramatic, if you like… or not). Do the dishes, go for a walk, pat the dog, go to sleep……. It will soon pass. If you judge what comes up, it will take exponentially longer to leave. (You will know you are judging because your ego will say stuff like: “I already addressed this one,” “I feel like I’m starting over,” “Why this again?” and “I’ll never be free of this.”)

We have heard so many of you ask, “So when is all this density transmutation going to end? When will I be able to stop the Awakening roller coaster?” The answer is this: when it ends. The privilege of being alive right now is that there are many who are not strong enough, not present enough, or are in far too much disarray to move the energy for the whole. If you are reading this, your Higher Levels are part of this message…… so you know enough to know that we are with you. You are not alone. On the Earthly plain, you are meeting more and more who are going through similar Awakenings. In the other dimensions, you are surrounded more than you currently realize, but if you did fully realize, your heart would burst from love. Thus gradual steps are necessary.

But soon enough you will be able to handle all the love we can dish out. It just depends on how much you are willing to own your magnificence and receive the ridiculous amount of assistance there is for you here in the Miracle Zone. In other words, it depends on how much longer you want to prove yourself, by yourself…… instead of actually getting on with being yourself, without need or want of anyone else’s approval. Your Higher Levels see you fully. That is, we see all of you. You are so beyond approve-able………you are adorable and infinitely dance-with-able by the entire Universe!

Please don’t spend so long analyzing. Your mind is a fairly useless tool for transcending old density. Let us take care of it. That’s what we do. It’s part of our/your genius. We are simply another (highly underutilized) part of you.

There is no need for fancy language.
There is no need for gurus.
There is no need for giving your power away.
Sometimes there is need for Earthly assistance.
You are not alone, on so many levels.

Let it rip, my friend……..we can take it! So, please, let us have it when it comes. With infinite love and gratitude for the courage it has taken you to get this far…….. It has been an honour and will continue to be.

With love…..we are here, have always been here, and will always be here……we are you! 




With Love,


The Collective Cosmic Support Team… and Jennifer xoxoxo