From the WideAwakeningWeekly, Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014

You are opening quantum doors …

“It is impossible to leave anyone behind during this Awakening, as we are all swimming in the same quantum soup. If one changes, we all change.” ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable)

Hi there, gorgeous,

I remember thinking years ago, after watching some family members going through a rough time, that I needed to help them. That it was important for me to carry them in order for them to be happier. It upset me when that approach didn’t work.

Then I remembered that we are mostly comprised of ‘dark matter,’ or what I like to call ‘pure potential before it comes alive in 3D.’  Depending on how you look at it, we ourselves are between 96% (Neil DeGrasse) and 99.9999999999999999% of this so-called dark matter.

Which means that, as I come to new realizations and see how magnificent we all are, then all of consciousness has to include those realizations … because I am bringing something from a possibility to a concrete remembering. That opens the quantum door for anyone to do the same thing, see the same thing, and remember the same thing. Same goes for you.

Cool right?

Wonder how many people could feel your expansion and got inspired by you today, even though you never met ’em… Just saying.

With Love,

Jennifer xoxoxo

P.S. Oh, a minor thing… Y’know those family members who are struggling and don’t really want to listen to what you have to say? Ya, well, they are listening and feeling all of the shifts you are going through. Just remember, cosmic timing, not your timing… … …

If this resonates for you, maybe it will for your friends, too…

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