Here we are in Mount Shasta, and so much magic is happening for this Flight School group   (that’s our 10-month immersion in Awakening together)! Don’t worry, you are with us, whether you knew it or not!

One of the things I had to come to terms with is that we are all descending, not ascending.  In other words, we are all cosmic in nature, and descending so that we can catch our bodies up to our innate nature. Our innate nature is to be magical, or as I like to say, alchemical wizards. That’s what we came here to do.

I had to look at the question, “So what is the process that all people can follow to remember their Innate Abilities and Super Powers?”  I needed to find the answer so that, practically speaking, I could facilitate that process.

The message in this video is about one of the first steps. It’s so important that in every program we use this process to assist; in different ways, always expanding in its benefit, depending on the program.

So, enjoy the experience of visiting the space between the atoms… it’s simple. You don’t have to be a guru on a mountain; that takes far too long. Consciousness did not mean for it to be hard.

Let it be easy.

Have fun… and please share what happens as you engage the process.  THIS VIDEO is from our last Monthly Wake-Up Call (you can check out the whole thing here!)

LOVE YOU! xoxo

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Author, speaker, and Awakening Coach Jennifer Hough offers some practical steps to help you step into all the possibilities that are available in 2018!