Okay, this is where I challenge current wisdom… I know, I know; what else is new. LOL!

Please don’t freak out, or get overwhelmed by the following…

There are no guides and angels “out there” somewhere. In physics, guides are simply dimensions of consciousness that provide the bridges that ancient wise ones have already built. That allows us to continue expanding in our ability to enjoy life (guides), while other thought-forms have lived at frequencies that are beyond our “dense” human form, so that the miraculous can be bridged into three dimensions (angels).

They live in other dimensions of us, but because we are constantly referring to ourselves as separate from them, that is how they occur. In fact, there is no “they.”  We are connected to the wisdom, always.

When I recorded this video in Mount Shasta, it was 6:00 in the morning, and the light beams from the mountains were incredible.

During our adventures in Mount Shasta, we had just finished doing a process inspired by rainbow metaphors and stories that people shared from around the world.  Immediately after, there were “fire-bows” in the clouds above us. The day prior, we were building a cairn on top of Mount Shasta, and talking about the power of love to transmute anything. Above us was a (what I like to call) “God Cloud” in the shape of a heart with incredible rays coming out of it, like I had never seen.

That is what it looks like when you and your guides are one, but it doesn’t just happen miraculously. At TWA, that is our job; that’s what we mean by ‘going direct’ with consciousness. No separation. That’s what happens in everything from Get Out of Your Own Way™ to Flight School. The result is a constant experience of being in a dance, without doubt or slow processes.

So have fun listening to the global activation of this beautiful grid of possibility, whereby we can all move up together and be a beacon of light. Here’s to upgrading our DNA to ‘go direct’ together. The faster we do, the more quickly Heaven becomes possible here.

With Love,

Jennifer xo

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