Are you leaving space for the miraculous?

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“All of your dreams matter so much to the rest of us.
You are an answer to someone’s asking…
that dream deserves the space to breathe and become clear.

Jennifer Hough

I’m not sure if anyone ever truly gets that I am definitely in the programs that I teach, even though I am facilitating. And I am! Half the things that get discussed are perfectly suited for helping me find more freedom, meaning, and flow, too. Saturday’s Get Out of Your Own Way™ program was no exception.

Sunday I woke up with my head stuffy, feeling heated, and an achy body. Uh oh. Adam just had the c-flu; maybe I have it, too?

Instead of stressing, I actually did exactly what we talked about in the program. I used the exercises to get entirely neutral. It’s not like life isn’t stressful sometimes for me… it is.

I also realized that we were experiencing a full moon, a lunar eclipse, and a big life-changing program had just completed.

What did I do? I drove my car to the river. I found a rock that was perfect for me to lie on. It was heated by the sun, it was away from anyone, and it was mine.

I found a comfy way to lie on it, as the water trickled by me, with smells and sounds that soothed. I started sweating, and the warmth caused me to fall asleep. For an hour. On a rock. In the river. By myself.

Talk about Spaciousness.

By the time I woke up, I was no longer sweating, but I still had sinus pressure.

Next, I drove to the top of a mountain near me. It was so gorgeous.

I picked up lunch for the family, waiting at home, and then went to bed for 2.5 hours.

When I woke up there was no sinus, no stuffiness, no sweating, and I was feeling entirely energized.

A couple of profound words came to me that I needed to share with my sweetie, with whom I hadn’t shared any words all day. The conversation ended with such appreciation for him.

I made a phone call to someone I love, and appreciated them. And, I got very clear about my week. None of which would have happened if I had stayed in the fret, worry and space I was in when I first woke up.

That is the power of pausing for space.

My life matters that much. All of your dreams matter that much to the rest of us. You are an answer to someone’s asking. That dream deserves the space to breathe and become clear.

So does yours.

With much love and reverence for your journey, and the piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth that you are.

I know that the interviews below (especially in the area of relationships and resolving chaos) will truly assist you. Save the dates and put them on your calendar!

With love,



I cried. Just saying.

I cried. Just saying.

I realized after watching Matthew McConaughey’s talk this week about the place where he grew up (Uvalde, Texas), that I had still been processing the shooting.

This is not an email about guns, nor is it a political one either.

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BAM! Yep, this happened.

BAM! Yep, this happened.

I had a client ask me last night, “When are all these challenges and triggers going to end so we can get back to normal?”. Newsflash. This is our new normal. So much change is being catalyzed these days, and if you get into emergency mode, it is easy to want to protect yourself and others, to hide, to “carry” your family, or those you love or even yourself.

Here’s something to consider this morning: Just because you’re there for others, doesn’t mean you are necessarily helping them. It depends on whether you’re giving from your overflow and your inspiration, or you are “carrying” them. It may even be that you’re not authentically trying to help them; maybe, just maybe, you’re trying to make your own self feel better because you don’t like the way they’re being or behaving.

I have most certainly carried people I care about at some point in my life. It’s as though I thought that I had the power to make someone else happy. It is so clear to me at this point that no one can make anyone else happy. In fact, doing that can leave the other person(s) powerless to do it for themselves.

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My word for the year, and…

My word for the year, and…

I was just wondering why Spaciousness was my word this year.

We are now almost half way through the year (can you believe it?) and so much is up for renewal!

Take my body for instance. I notice immediately when it is in Overwhelm, because my cravings go up, neck tension starts, I get a little reactive, and my creativity goes out the window. If I partake in Overwhelm long enough, I even gain weight… ugh. My body is a perfect barometer of where I am.

These five symptoms are representative of about 15 other symptoms of adrenal fatigue, and even a sluggish thyroid. At first when I feel the symptoms, I hear myself saying, “Really?” Then I realize and remember that I have a deep knowing of how to bring myself back to the state of energized inspiration.

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