Are you leaving space for the miraculous?

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“All of your dreams matter so much to the rest of us.
You are an answer to someone’s asking…
that dream deserves the space to breathe and become clear.

Jennifer Hough

I’m not sure if anyone ever truly gets that I am definitely in the programs that I teach, even though I am facilitating. And I am! Half the things that get discussed are perfectly suited for helping me find more freedom, meaning, and flow, too. Saturday’s Get Out of Your Own Way™ program was no exception.

Sunday I woke up with my head stuffy, feeling heated, and an achy body. Uh oh. Adam just had the c-flu; maybe I have it, too?

Instead of stressing, I actually did exactly what we talked about in the program. I used the exercises to get entirely neutral. It’s not like life isn’t stressful sometimes for me… it is.

I also realized that we were experiencing a full moon, a lunar eclipse, and a big life-changing program had just completed.

What did I do? I drove my car to the river. I found a rock that was perfect for me to lie on. It was heated by the sun, it was away from anyone, and it was mine.

I found a comfy way to lie on it, as the water trickled by me, with smells and sounds that soothed. I started sweating, and the warmth caused me to fall asleep. For an hour. On a rock. In the river. By myself.

Talk about Spaciousness.

By the time I woke up, I was no longer sweating, but I still had sinus pressure.

Next, I drove to the top of a mountain near me. It was so gorgeous.

I picked up lunch for the family, waiting at home, and then went to bed for 2.5 hours.

When I woke up there was no sinus, no stuffiness, no sweating, and I was feeling entirely energized.

A couple of profound words came to me that I needed to share with my sweetie, with whom I hadn’t shared any words all day. The conversation ended with such appreciation for him.

I made a phone call to someone I love, and appreciated them. And, I got very clear about my week. None of which would have happened if I had stayed in the fret, worry and space I was in when I first woke up.

That is the power of pausing for space.

My life matters that much. All of your dreams matter that much to the rest of us. You are an answer to someone’s asking. That dream deserves the space to breathe and become clear.

So does yours.

With much love and reverence for your journey, and the piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth that you are.

I know that the interviews below (especially in the area of relationships and resolving chaos) will truly assist you. Save the dates and put them on your calendar!

With love,



It seems scary to go through change…

It seems scary to go through change…

It seems scary to go through change. For me, just as much as anyone else.The question is, which part is scared? It’s the part that has to die for the expanded version to become the new you, able to sustain the dream you’re dreaming.

Our true infinite soul never dies, so YOU are not afraid to die, but rather the part of you that feels comfy, familiar and predictable.

Somehow, for me personally, distinguishing between the true ME and the identities (aspects of my personality) that are trying to protect me gives me a little solace and lessens my need for courage.

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Permanent shifts in your cells and what it takes…

Permanent shifts in your cells and what it takes…

The topic of shifting your default way of being, is near and dear to me because I realized I take it for granted that people fully understand it but have realized they don’t. I really appreciated a recent conversation with a member of our community. It brought home to me that most people don’t relate to permanent shifts because either they don’t believe they’re possible, or feel what they have is their lot in life.

Actually, this is where my parents were. I probably could do it a lot better, but I can’t have that, that quantum leaping thing. Do you know what I mean Aditya ?

When I look at people who effortlessly receive abundance, they seem to have the DNA of being able to dance with money in a way you’ve never experienced. How do you make that permanent shift?

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You and your guidance as one…

You and your guidance as one…

“That title, “You and your guidance as one,” is a bit of a misconception. It presumes that you and your guidance are somehow separate from each other in the first place. The truth is, your guidance is present in this and every moment, even if you’re not aware of it. Back in Chapter 1, I wrote that in a fractal Universe, the Wisdom of all that exists is actually hidden in plain sight in the patterns in nature and all around you. In every atom is the information of the original atoms from which they were birthed. Let’s take time to visit the space between the atoms where possibility lives by meditating or going for a walk in nature. There is “a field where we can meet,” where all knowledge rests that allows us to create that which has never been before. And we are made of those patterns, those atoms, and those spaces between the atoms. That wisdom is a part of us at every level.

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