A little tree shaking…

“The people in our lives are there either to affirm
what our heart already knows at one level,
or to cause the contrast that would have us gain more clarity
and get curious about our truth.

Jennifer Hough

It’s time to get real about giving your power away,
and others taking it…

I used to be VERY teacher-like (my Mom was a teacher, so I come by it honestly).

I was just used to it; I never questioned being that way. However, I didn’t realize what it cost me, and that was MY POWER.

It put me above people. It looked as though I had it all handled, and I didn’t. As a result, I also attracted people who wanted to give their power away to me.

I first realized this was happening as a client became incredibly dependent on me. I felt my freedom slipping away because their perception was that I had all their answers. I then understood completely that I am not the source of anyone’s truth. Everyone’s heart holds that for them.

The only way through this messy time in humanity is by NOT giving your power away to anyone; not a guru, not a political leader, not a party, not money, not ideology, and certainly not a teacher.

The people in our lives are there either to affirm
what our heart already knows at one level,
or to cause the contrast that would have us gain more clarity
and get curious about our truth.

Your heart is God’s/Creation’s/The Universe’s Megaphone calling you forward.

Listen to others; sure. Take in what they say; of course. Process it to see if it feels expansive or contractive; absolutely. But do not give your power away, believing that if they held one truth for you, that they hold all truths.

People are fallible. They have off days.

Someone pointed out an incongruence in my speaking today, and I totally agreed with them. I AM SURELY not here to be perfect.

I am doing my best. I only know what I know, and the more I know, the more I know how little that is! Which makes me have a sense of humor about myself. It also has me easing up quite a bit about life. At the same time, I am passionate. But now that I know about giving my power away: I do not project my truth on others, as they will find their way in their own time.

I had a client just yesterday who was sad because she knew she had to watch her son go through hard times and some struggle, in order to become who he was. There was really nothing she could do about it but love him. He is taking his power back, even though it doesn’t look pretty.

What would our experience be like if we all followed the megaphone associated with our hearts?

More compassion? A desire to seek to understand others a little more? Listening more? Perhaps finding the things we have in common, so we can negotiate, navigate, and create a situation where all people can be included without fear?

Alas, I know that world seems like a long way off….

Maybe it’s not that far off. Just something to think about today, as the cards of civilization are still in the air. Perhaps we can have something to say about where they land.

I do know that if I take on being this way, and a few billion others do as well, then maybe things shift. I start with me. You start with you.

With great love,



Greetings for this new year!

Greetings for this new year!

This past year offered so much clarity and contrast, bringing ‘the dark into the light’, revealing it both in the world, and in my own life.

As we’re shutting the door on the closing year, let’s declare it complete, with great gratitude.

I know I’m so thankful for all that came to light, making me laser beam focused on this coming year. I’m looking at ways to assist humanity more creatively than I’ve ever considered before, and all while simplifying as much as possible. Phew!

Our choices are clear. We either continue arguing for sides and trying to fix the past, or start engaging, as the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew, towards finding solutions for our lives, communities, and the wider world.

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Happy Merry Everything to you…

Happy Merry Everything to you…

After listening to the news of a dear friend really struggling at this time of year, and some news I was aware of another colleague who was deeply depressed, it became pretty apparent what I wanted to share with you at this intense time of year.

This time of year can be so beautiful and yet it can also be challenging as there are several coinciding significant events.

1. The Winter Solstice: which is an opportunity to look at our choices, restart, and go within to remember ourselves as we move into the next major phase of the year.

2. A major figure’s birthday: Jeshuah represents compassion and forgiveness in the world, Christ consciousness being about unconditional love.

3. The End of a Yearly Cycle and the Beginning of a New One: These combined focus points allow us access to the love needed to move through just about anything, if we so choose.

At the same time, everything that is incomplete, ready to be transmuted, or unnecessary for the year to come will surely reveal itself.

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When things change…

When things change…

Well, my old backpack died after 13 years of climbing mountains, going to swim with dolphins, and chasing rainbows in Hawaii. It’s the beige backpack. I’m thinking of all the people whom we’ve taken on Wide Awakening Adventures and program trips (including you!)

Honestly, letting it go was hard as I happily remembered being with Cathy in Bimini, Vikki in Italy, Nika in Asheville, Amy in Abaco, Jenny in Uxbridge, and so many more special moments. That backpack was a constant companion for all of it. When I threw it in the trash, I really felt I should have a ceremony, SO I DID!

It feels like everything is up to leave this year … clearing the decks with the Winter Solstice, Jeshua’s birthday coming, New Year celebrations, and all.

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