An important note in these intense times. Hope it assists!

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“A deep love of the unknown will transcend
your need for courage.

Jennifer Hough

Ever wish you didn’t think so much?

I had a very heady conversation with a dear friend recently, and it was all about being afraid to take action on an inspiration. They spent lots of time trying to figure out “WHY” their dreams were calling to them, so their mind could be at peace before they took action.

Oh, my goodness, did I ever have compassion! I used to analyze everything. I thought it would keep me safe. With everything going on in the world right now, every once in a while that habit creeps back in. But it does not keep me safe; it just keeps me in my head, and history is the only thing in my head. I desire to be surprised and delighted by answers not yet imagined.

If you and I are looking for solutions (either in our lives or in the world), they do not lie in our heads. It is the “field” of greater wisdom, the imaginal cells of Creation, where the answers lie.

“I am willing to go anywhere that presents,
in order to be surprised and delighted!”

I’ve become more interested in being surprised and delighted than in knowing why. Asking ourselves “Why” just gives us a really great explanation for how come we are stuck. (And, it’s a great way to avoid getting on with it!)

Know what I mean?

The nervous system can get overloaded with analysis, and cause us to get tired.

We analyze because we are either wanting the illusion of control or safety. However, control and safety, ironically, can only happen if we follow the breadcrumbs of adventure that come from life.

Loving the life that presents in front of us
puts us in alignment with the love of Creation,
and in that flow, we are more than safe… we are alive!

In survival mode, we need to stay safe. Hence, an effect on the nervous system when we start worrying about the “I don’t know what I’m doing” piece.

In thriving mode (knowing that the entire Universe is happening “for” us), we are completely curious on the adventure, which uses a whole different part of the brain.

Hence, the nervous system is not involved because it’s about leaning into something inevitably expansive.

Are ya picking up what I’m putting down? I mean “my way” of figuring out why never worked. Shifting into a more expansive way was a life changer for me.

How do you relate differently to the unknown? Has it changed since going through the past two years?

Can’t wait to hear!

With love,



Choose. Which way do you live?

Choose. Which way do you live?

Today, I wanted to share a wonderfully activating experience.

Have you ever felt as though you’re on the precipice of what’s next? Like life is calling? Like there is no going back?

When my life started to look like it wasn’t headed in the direction of my vision, I started to panic. It was only my personality doing the panicking because, inside, I knew that life’s incongruencies were asking me to step up and become more. I felt inspired to head over to a nearby lake.

My mind was racing around a million worries, not least of which was the question of whether my husband would walk again? Added to that was the running of the business and keeping the house in flow, all while my family was in a health crisis.

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Should we spend the rest of our lives fixing our beliefs because they’re wrong?

Should we spend the rest of our lives fixing our beliefs because they’re wrong?

“… Money is a big, fraught topic for most people because they think it’s what makes the world go round. Uh, by the way, it’s not. Magnetics makes the world go round, both figuratively and literally.”

So, if that’s the case and we have beliefs about money (we all do), should we spend the rest of our lives fixing our beliefs because they’re wrong? I will depart from the answer I would typically give on this subject.

Why? Because the ideas about money in this world have such a stronghold on our reality that it takes a pure outlook on the subject, with no strings attached, for someone to let the past belief go and let abundance flow.

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