On the first strand of DNA…

Skill #1 is to be able to commune directly with your 75 trillion cells. You’re in communion with those cells, so you can feel the language of your cells who love you and are talking to you. I’m not going to say more, because it’s pretty juicy when we talk about it [in the Embody Your Innate Abilities course].

Skill #2 is about having absolutely the full multidimensional experience of all your 3-Dimensional senses. So… what if you could eat a mango, but you weren’t just experiencing the 3-D mango? Yu were actually experiencing all the nuances of that mango. And what if you walked around and you ate like that all the time? What would change in your eating habits? For one thing, you would have to slow down, because it takes some presence to experience your food that way.

What if you… You’ve had this experience, I’m sure. You know those times when colors seem brighter to you, and things seem more alive? It’s almost like you can see people glowing. In fact, even the ability to see auras is in Skill #2 What if we could do that, and what if it didn’t take years of living on a mountain top to do that? What if, when you touch something, you could actually feel every aspect of that thing, where it can from, the entire history? Like the smile came across your face, because, holy cow! Right? What if you could hold someone’s jewelry and could feel the entire history of it, where it was , who loved it? And your touch became this amazing tactile experience? Do you think that if you could see all of this, you would have a lot more fun with life? You’d start—I don’t want to say ‘trusting’… I don’t like the word ‘trust’ so much, because there’s ‘trust’ and ‘not trust’—more like having the confidence, because you can truly see, you can truly smell, you’re hearing beyond your ears, you’re hearing, like, all the way back into Lady Gaga’s history, and what brought her to her write that music and why it’s so alive, and why we want to hear it, and where that all came from. Right? So you’re feeling the whole richness of the entire experience.

Now some people have such an experience—when someone else is embodied, when someone else has a lot of their innate abilities alive and well in them, these people may actually activate you even though you don’t have all of those abilities embodied yet. So if you listen to Beethoven or Mozart, let’s say, or Jimi Hendrix play guitar, anything like that, you would feel their genius. You could feel the genius, right? You could feel the depth, and you could hear them multidimensionally, because they actually created the music from multidimensions. You with me? But what if you could do that with everything? Right? Everything would get very, very clear. So that is Dimension #2. Very cool.

Skill #3 is in your second strand of DNA…

What it’s about is marrying the higher and the lower. In other words, it’s about bringing Heaven to Earth, rather than living out in heaven. You know how sometimes we take ourselves out? And what happens is… How powerful is it when you actually bring this [reaches high above herself] to this [draws hands in toward heart]? What does that look like? What happens when we’re not interested in masculine/feminine, anymore? When we become ‘humine’ – and ‘humine’ has access to all of that? It doesn’t need to delineate between the two. It doesn’t define between the two. Now, does that mean we become androgynous? Absolutely not. What it means is something different. What it means is that you have access to the traits of both the masculine and the feminine, but you don’t have to delineate between them. You just have the traits of being human. You know what I’m saying? You no longer need the right and wrong, the better and worse, the… all that kind of stuff. So it’s the bridging back together of all that duality.

The 4th Skill is around marrying your left and right brains, the receiving and the creating. Very, very cool.

So! Next is the third strand of DNA…

Which is your pineal gland, and the two skills [#5 and #6] associated with that are really meshing with your pineal gland, the portal that lies inside, and witnessing it. There is also understanding how that integration portal works, and watching it, being able to observe what happens. These are the only two skills that don’t really require a lot of your participation, because they do it without you. These skills don’t really expand; they just happen.

So the next two [on the fourth strand of DNA] are around nature.

[Number 7] is experiencing flora and fauna the way the Druids did: in total communion, and #8 is being able to totally communicate with all of that.

So far so good? Get me? OK. Cool!

So the next one is Strand 5…

That is [Skill #9] being able to ‘go direct’ with your consciousness. Instead of living in ‘shoulds,’ it’s living in ‘what’s in the highest?’ and knowing what that feels like, what that language sounds like. And also, of course, my all time favorite, [Skill #10],which is doing what presents. Becoming a master of that.

So the next couple [on the 6th strand of DNA] are being… oh,

This is another one of my favorites. [Skill #11] is a favorite because it’s what we do! OK, you guys, what if you have clients…? Imagine being able to simultaneously be way up above it and, at the same time, being in your body and knowing exactly what to say, exactly what to do, exactly how to be, to move the energy of any struggle, any conflict, any communication—being able to redirect it from 30,000 feet, while simultaneously being in your body. Is that cool or what? I love that. But then that’s what we’re doing here, right?

The next two [on the 7th strand of DNA] have a lot to do with each other…

Both have to do with your Higher Self. Number 13 has to do with integrating fully with your higher self. And number 14 is about being able to see, feel and hear energy. See, feel or hear—it depends on what your makeup is, but you’ll actually be able to see little floaty things such as I see, and be able to sense the little things ripping across the room all over the place, and you’ll be able to see all the deities, which is why I can’t see a lot of your faces and… yeah, pretty cool!

Next [on the 8th strand of DNA] is basically manifestation.

But not manifestation from the ego mind. Actually witnessing manifestation and understanding exactly how it happens and how the immaterial comes into the material, but also actually doing it. [Those are Skills #15 and #16.]

Next [on the 9th strand of DNA] is…

Of course, bending time [Skill #17], which is very cool. You basically get into a vortex and there is no time. Then [Skill #18] spontaneous healing. There are two things around spontaneous healing: one is witnessing and participating in spontaneous healing in your own body, but also finding your cosmic age.

The next one [on the 10th strand of DNA] is around meaning and purpose.

Skill #19 is discovering and integrating with your ‘piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth.’ It’s like you are your piece of the puzzle.

The next one [Skill #20] is basically being able to bring the past into congruence in one… [snaps her fingers] one fell swoop! So, it’s retroactively upgrading everything that’s ever happened to you, including in past lifetimes.

[On the 11th strand of DNA]…

Skill #21 is not really a skill; it’s a state. It’s the state of unconditional love, where you just walk around that way. You just walk around in a state of unconditional love. With everything! It’s as if nothing gets ya!

Skill #22 is around integrating with the Masters. It’s not about having a master. It’s about being facilitated by the Masters, and that eventually you don’t even need to know who the Masters are. It’s simply a walk with them and then expanding upon… See, any Master I’ve ever communed with has always, always, without exception, said, that the Masters are not here to get you to where they are. Theyr’e actually here – that’s a starting point! A true Master actually is asking you to go far beyond them. Take it and fly! That’s what Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Baba Ji, all of them are like: “GO! Fly! Expand! Are you kidding me? This is about Heaven on Earth. Why do you think we even came here? What’s the point?”

Last two skills [on the 12th strand of DNA],

#23 is about finding peace with any situation and knowing the action to take, from the place of neutrality. So it’s about being in neutrality in any situation.

And the last one [Skill #24] is having the eyes of Creation. In other words, being able to see the big picture of absolutely anything, and seeing the wisdom that’s flowing, and stepping out of the way. Literally, it’s about seeing everything in such a big picture that you have absolutely no desire to manipulate or control, because you get that your job is to hear and to be in contribution and to be in the present. Your job is actually not to change things so that you feel more comfortable.

Right? Everything making sense?

So that’s it. That’s where we start.

And then of course, there are seven—actually there are six new Innate Abilities, plus one that I’m adding, and those are all ones that have come since last year.


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