A FaceBook post by Jennifer Hough
April 25, 2014

What are the 24 Innate Abilities Skills?


Before you make sweeping judgments about life, yourself, or anyone else, based on what you think you know, maybe it would be good to understand the following:

Physicists have determined that 96 percent of the known Universe is an energy that we have no way to measure, nor do we know what it is. They have a name for it—“dark matter”—because it is not understood. What do you call dark, because it is not understood?

Less than 1 percent of the electromagnetic spectrum is visible to the human eye.

Animals without conical eyes (such as we have) cannot see rainbows. For them, rainbows don’t even exist. What don’t we see that is there?

Do you create a rainbow simply by the way your eyes interpret the frequencies of light?

Ninety percent of the cells in your body carry their own microbial DNA and are not ‘of your body’……..yet they affect so many processes, including digestion, information exchange, and the physiological functions that create your mood.

None of the atoms in your body are the ones you were born with.

99.9999999999999 percent of what comprises your 3D body is actually the space between the atoms, electrons, nuclei and protons. The rest—that 0.0000000000001 percent—is actually matter….and that is a very tiny amount. For all intents and purposes, you are made up of pure potential, exponentially more than matter!

Human beings have 4X4X4, or 64, possible pairings of their DNA proteins and use only 20.

We don’t know what 98 percent of DNA does. We only know (to the best of our ability) what 2 percent of it does. What we can’t explain, we call junk. Hmmmm. Why would Infinite Wisdom have put it there?

Our human genetics are only 0.4 percent different than a monkey’s, and each of us has two fewer chromosomes than a potato.

You actually do use 100 percent of your brain, just not all at once. No, you do not use only 10 percent; that is a myth.

However, you have 75-100 trillion telomeres in your body, and of all the activity that goes back and forth through those telomeres, a maximum of 15 percent of it is measurable in 3D. The rest of the exchanges are not happening in 3D. Don’t you want to know why you have one mouth, 2 ears, and yet 75 trillion telomeres? What’s communicating with you beyond 3D, and why are telomeres so abundant in the body?

What if science did not argue with the theory of God’s existence? What if everything is in and of Creation? What if the more you study, the more miraculous it all becomes? The more you study, the more the mind is at peace and the more you can play with on this Heavenly planet?

What if you have Innate Abilities that are related to junk DNA, telomeres, the electromagnetic spectrum, and grey-matter brain development? What if we could explain such things as intuition, time’s seeming ability to bend or stand still, wakened dreams, Divine Guidance and so much more? What if you are so much more than what you can see?

If you’d like to understand your Human Innate Abilities—the mystery of our gifts and how they happen—watch this video.

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