Infinite Wisdom…

“Miracles can only become normals when you disconnect from your need to be in control.” ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable)

Do you notice that, when you get afraid, the outcome of a situation sometimes leaves you alone, in pain, poor, disorganized or even worse…..and that that’s exactly when you leap in to try and control things?

Happens to me, too….especially when it comes to worrying about being loved.

Infinite Wisdom sees and knows all things—indeed, it is in and of all things. Infinite Wisdom has an awareness of everything both seen and unseen, multi dimensionally, in ways that our limited brains cannot begin to understand.

INFINITE WISDOM TENDS ALWAYS TO FLUIDITY, following the path of most efficiency given all the resources it has access to. Like the river flows to the sea.

It is always bringing things to congruency with the most love.

Funny how we want to control the very things that would most benefit from our stepping out of the way, a move by which we’d leave room for the Miracle Zone to do its thing.

Just saying.


Jennifer Hough GirlJennifer

– – – – – – – P.S.

Anything you’d like to loosen your grip on? Oh, let me put it another way: Is there any area of your life in which you’d like to experience total flow and loving resolution?


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