Do we have time for our beliefs? 

“What if the beliefs that you think keep you safe, by definition keep you from your own personal expansive heaven? What if your Heaven lies beyond beliefs?”
– Jennifer Hough (Tweetable)

What if all the beliefs that you adhere to aren’t even yours?

What if they were invented by eons of people before you so that we would all have some guidelines to perceptively keep us safe, get it right and know what we’re doing?

Well, those times are long past. Those situations don’t apply anymore. If you haven’t noticed, the old paradigms of success, money, love, good/bad, worthy/unworthy, better or less than, and truly being able to thrive in a constantly expanding world, aren’t working anymore.

As fast as you have a new idea, realize something that frees you, or come to a deeper understanding of life, there is an exponential shift in the Universe regarding how to relate to it. We don’t have time for beliefs.

What if we could dance directly with consciousness without the need for contemplation? What if there is only ‘what is in the highest’ in the present moment?

How do you know what is in the highest? Are you open to another way?

Love you,

Jennifer Hough

Jennifer Hough Girl– – – – – – – P.S.
Get out your salsa shoes, it’s time to learn to dance with life……….
….and Embody Your Innate Abilities.


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