What’s possible when we shift in the way we shift…

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“No problem can be solved from
the same level of consciousness that created it.

– Albert Einstein

Here’s what was going on 20 years ago. I had to restrict my food to be healthy, I had to cleanse, I had to work hard on myself to “fix me,” and I had to be a much better person before I got on with my whole purpose. I asked myself, “Seriously, that’s what I have to do to feel great, love my life, be loved, live my dreams?” That is NOT thriving.

That’s working hard to deserve goodness; it’s surviving. Maybe surviving well sometimes, but if the Universe loves me (and you), and dreamt me (and you) into being, there is no way life has to be that hard.

I remember the day 20 years ago that I got so frustrated after taking a personal development program because I started feeling so tired of constantly analyzing and excavating my brokenness. I had been looking at past lives, my relationship with my family, and the perfectionism that dogged me. It all seemed like an endless sea of “why’s.”

That night I had a dream that would change the direction of my path forever. I got to see that the reason I got tired when I excavated and analyzed, was because it’s not the most efficient or effective way to have a great life!! I could spend the rest of my life “working on myself” through energy work, talking, meditating, and so on.

It was then that I realized that the path to actually living an inspired, fulfilling, and meaningful life is not based on our current model of waking up. Big AHA! Having that kind of life is about catching our brain and biology up to a new way of operating, instead of endlessly looking at why we aren’t fully thriving.

Oh, and everything changed. Immediately. That’s when I started studying the physics of thriving in life, mind and body. Who am I to ignore Greater Wisdom’s call?

I have come to realize (through my work as a former nutritionist) that there are patterns of thought that create your biochemistry, and if you don’t change the patterns, life will default to match your beliefs and level of attraction.

Why would we have to continue to shift one belief at a time, or a couple at a time?

Excavating endlessly on the slow track… is that seriously what life is all about? It doesn’t make sense when we know we are not broken and don’t need fixing!

So… if a bunch of thoughts that we think over and over become beliefs, and after collecting evidence for the rightness of the thoughts related to those beliefs, and then a bunch of beliefs when married together become an entirely personal or cultural paradigm, then why don’t we shift perspectives on the whole paradigm, instead of just the beliefs?


  • We are not broken and we don’t need fixing. If you do courses to fix yourself, you will find more to fix.
  • You can transmute thousands of beliefs at a time by Activating instead of excavating.
  • The only way to thrive is to learn how to do it specifically and directly. Anything else is just learning how to survive better through looking at the past.

This is just the beginning of what it means to Get Out of Your Own Way™ … well, truly the Universe’s way.

Just a little something I thought you may want to consider, dear friend!

I’d love to see you in our upcoming Get Out of Your Own Way™ – Spaciousness Yes, Overwhelm No in May. Join us.

With love,

P.S. I share a lot more about shifting paradigms and living with fulfillment in my latest book UNSTUCK; The Physics of Getting Out of Your Own Way. Have you gotten your copy yet? If not, get it here!



BAM! Yep, this happened.

BAM! Yep, this happened.

I had a client ask me last night, “When are all these challenges and triggers going to end so we can get back to normal?”. Newsflash. This is our new normal. So much change is being catalyzed these days, and if you get into emergency mode, it is easy to want to protect yourself and others, to hide, to “carry” your family, or those you love or even yourself.

Here’s something to consider this morning: Just because you’re there for others, doesn’t mean you are necessarily helping them. It depends on whether you’re giving from your overflow and your inspiration, or you are “carrying” them. It may even be that you’re not authentically trying to help them; maybe, just maybe, you’re trying to make your own self feel better because you don’t like the way they’re being or behaving.

I have most certainly carried people I care about at some point in my life. It’s as though I thought that I had the power to make someone else happy. It is so clear to me at this point that no one can make anyone else happy. In fact, doing that can leave the other person(s) powerless to do it for themselves.

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Are you leaving space for the miraculous?

Are you leaving space for the miraculous?

I’m not sure if anyone ever truly gets that I am definitely in the programs that I teach, even though I am facilitating. And I am! Half the things that get discussed are perfectly suited for helping me find more freedom, meaning, and flow, too. Saturday’s Get Out of Your Own Way™ program was no exception.

Sunday I woke up with my head stuffy, feeling heated, and an achy body. Uh oh. Adam just had the c-flu; maybe I have it, too?

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My word for the year, and…

My word for the year, and…

I was just wondering why Spaciousness was my word this year.

We are now almost half way through the year (can you believe it?) and so much is up for renewal!

Take my body for instance. I notice immediately when it is in Overwhelm, because my cravings go up, neck tension starts, I get a little reactive, and my creativity goes out the window. If I partake in Overwhelm long enough, I even gain weight… ugh. My body is a perfect barometer of where I am.

These five symptoms are representative of about 15 other symptoms of adrenal fatigue, and even a sluggish thyroid. At first when I feel the symptoms, I hear myself saying, “Really?” Then I realize and remember that I have a deep knowing of how to bring myself back to the state of energized inspiration.

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