“Feeling scared is simply a misinterpretation of the excitement that our greater wisdom has about going on an adventure.”
Jennifer Hough

Someone from our Wings group (Flight School alumni) recently asked a powerful question about how she was feeling during this Herculean time we are in, and the feeling of lift off. I felt called to share this powerful conversation with you. I would love to hear your thoughts.


I know that I reached a new cliff and I’m about to dive off. Definitely scare-cited… highly uncomfortable at the moment.

How do I move into flow with those last things that my Ego seems to be holding onto? If I’ve been able to achieve a level of mastery in so many areas, I should be able to do it everywhere, right?

My Response:

This idea of “jumping off a cliff” is interesting for me. I think I spend every day going into the unknown, and it hasn’t always been easy. But, I can’t imagine my life if all I wanted were “predictable outcomes.” I’m in love with the unknown… but that took practice.

If consciousness really does have our back, and if we really are not alone, and if we truly are magnetic and everything happens for us, then are we ever really jumping off a cliff? Or are we just in process? Are we just on an adventure, moving in a very specific direction? Are we simply feeling unfamiliar (because if it were familiar, then it wouldn’t be an adventure)?

The more in love with the unknown we are, the less it feels like a cliff. The more we embody deeper truths associated with simply being Creation in Human form, on a voyage of self-discovery, the less it is scary. The more experience we have dancing in the unknown, the more it becomes not only delicious, but preferable.

Usually, when I feel there might be a cliff or abyss, the fear is simply a misinterpretation of my “greater wisdom’s” excitement. That’s what I’ve come to realize.

This is the level at which we can all operate and embody.

With love,