“Gratitude is a Miracle Magnet.”
Jennifer Hough

Last week we had a beautiful holiday to remind us to be grateful here in the USA (Thanksgiving)… isn’t it cool that this kind of day exists? I always feel like passing the energy of gratitude on to our friends all over the world.

Being grateful is the secret to increasing the miraculous in life, while focusing on what’s wrong tells life that you are vigilant for what is not preferred. And, we can be grateful in any moment.

While we were in our Wings class (our Flight School graduates) last week, I could feel how delicious it would be to share the collective activation we did together with you.

Feel your cells expand into this activation and see what comes up for you to appreciate the present… and for your, and our, collective future. This activation left me in such peace… can’t wait to hear how you feel after experiencing it.

Enjoy it .

With love,