Wide Awakening Radio

Understanding Your Cosmic Ageless Biology
Episode #173
Original Air Date: 2-3-16

This month’s radio show was all about changing your default way of being in the world. You can tap into consciousness, skip the mental processes, and skip the strategies. You really can do that!

Please listen a few times. The more you listen, the more you cellularly integrate the activation.

It’s time for all of us to slow down to speed up. It’s time to line up with ourselves as we Awaken the skills, the Innate Abilities, the super powers associated with upgrading our biology, and the ability to feel energy more distinctly. This will definitely assist you in causing your life to be without the need for feeling like a victim ever again.

3 Juicy Points from the Conversation:

  • What if health were a birthright you remember, rather than a goal you achieve?
  • Your body adores you, or it would not be communicating with you relentlessly.
  • We’re not excavating what doesn’t belong, but activating what you really are.

Enjoy the Upgrade Reset for Understanding the Language of Your Body’s trillions of cells at the end of the show!

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