The key to thriving is…

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“Doing nothing is doing something.
Jennifer Hough

A key to thriving is remembering that doing this is actually important.

It’s ‘nothing’.

That’s the thing, doing nothing is doing something.I’m sure you’ve sometimes tried to keep pushing through a project when life is showing you the harder and longer you push, the more unproductive things get, right?

I’m so guilty of feeling invincible or, put another way, stubbornly carrying on instead of being present to what life is showing, or sometimes commanding, me to do.

The problem is we judge doing nothing. As a society, we overvalue being productive and making sure we’re achieving, creating a source of anxiety.

Having worked with many clients, I know visionaries are creators to varying degrees. We equate slowing down to somehow going off track, to something going wrong.

Sometimes, taking space is the only way to access the space between the atoms holding the ideas and inspirations we need which then quantum leap us forwards.

This week has been a tremendous example of that for me. I’ve been preparing for my TEDx Talk in Asheville, while still speaking with my coaching clients and while our business is going through massive shifts. There’s been so much preparation involved and, multiple times a day, I’ve realized I had to slow down.

Every time that I did that, inspiration came, including sharing this message with you. Pushing is overrated. It doesn’t get you a closer seat in heaven, I promise.

Taking space to enjoy, play and breathe several times per day, allows me to do so much more. YES MORE.

Most days what assists me is riding my bike or watching the sunset. I was taking space WHILE I was working too, that was ‘okay’ and necessary!

You can be a martyr and then die one day. Or you can actually take the time to be present to the alchemy that is this dance with Creation, find fulfillment and die.

You decide.

You probably know which option I choose.

The Laws of Physics support us only in our most amazing and meaningful life.

With love for you and this journey,




Should we only do things that ‘feel good’?

Should we only do things that ‘feel good’?

Should we only do things that ‘feel good’?

Well, you might be surprised to hear me say absolutely not.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about deliberately forcing ourselves to do things that feel awful.

It’s just that I hear so many people saying… “only do it if it feels good”.

Here’s the issue with that:

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Fear does an interesting thing to our brains

Fear does an interesting thing to our brains

Fear does an interesting thing to our brains.

I was listening to a brilliant podcast a few days ago which my husband reminded me about. Although they didn’t talk about this specifically, it struck me how important it is to understand how our brains work. In understanding this, I’m able to follow my knowing and feel connected to clarity, instead of being manipulated by noise which can only happen if I’m in fear; it’s so easy to be in fear these days, don’t you think?

Fight or flight creates an interesting shift in the brain causing us to relate to those who disagree with our viewpoint as the “other”, and there are those who want to manipulate others in order to protect themselves.

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I always thought that I had to find the right person…

I always thought that I had to find the right person…

I know I’ve shared this before, but I think it’s worth revisiting. Thinking about my journey, I regret none of my previous relationships. Studying the laws of physics has given me so much clarity around my time with dear partners from the past.

I always thought I had to find the right person. Nope. Not about that. They find you. And that is based on a few important shifts in thinking that changed my life.

1. LOVE JUST IS – love is in and through everything, available at all times. There’s nothing to create as, if it really is love, then it’s already unconditional. Love that feels conditional is actually more about acceptance or approval.

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