“Your following the path for you is always going to be in the highest for everybody”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Carrying Quote

Dear You:

Carrying, or making yourself responsible and worrying about everyone else (or yourself), is something we have all done at one time or another. Why? Because we care about others, and we have been taught that taking of others’ burdens is how we show love.

What if I told you there was another way that is so much more freeing?

The Universe thought you were a good idea, and you conspired with teh Universe to live exactly what you came here to live. Same with everyone else. That means you were not born to live their lives, or your spirit would be living through their bodies!

You get to be the example for others by living out the life you were designed to live, while others do the same! Those around you are asking for you to do that, whether you’re aware of it or not!

How do we accomplish this? Watch here and find out…

With an open heart,


The End of Carrying

The end of carrying. That doesn’t just mean carrying other people, like if you’re a daughter or a son, you’re carrying your parents, or, you know, you carry your children, or whatever the case may be.

I am actually talking about the end of carrying, period. And the end of also feeling guilty about when you say “no,” or even worse, saying “yes,” and then feeling crappy because you said “yes,” when every cell in your body is saying “no.”

I’m sure nobody else has done that; can I get an “Amen?”
So, listen, here’s the deal…

First of all, we have to; we don’t have to anything, but, I am going to give you my perspective, which you know, because I’m just a raving genius (laugh), anyways…

I’m just going to offer you a perspective that might be helpful; that might change the way you look at everything, but you’ve got to follow along with me.

So, can I get an “Amen” if you’re going to follow along with me?

So, here’s how it goes.

Now, you’ve got to ask yourself, “Am I willing to, first of all, relinquish guilt about saying “no” forever? So ask yourself that question.

The next question is, “Would I be willing to hear a perspective on carrying, and feeling responsible for everyone else’s happiness; my children, my parents, my house, my this, my that, my employees…?”

Not that I have any of that myself…

But answer the question for yourself: “Would I be willing to actually listen to, not with my head, but with my entire physiology, with every one of my 75 trillion cells, give or take 20 trillion, doesn’t matter…?”

Would you be willing to listen, and hear, from the basis of the truth of who you are? Would you be willing to listen from the deeper truth of who you are, to a possible, let’s say, deeper awareness of that instinct that calls us to say “no,” or to offer a different option?

Would you be willing to listen to something that would change your relationship to that sense of obligation and responsibility?

Here we go; this is how it’s going to go:

First and foremost, let’s just see if we can get on the same page about a few things. So what we’re about to do is we’re going to start to see if we’re all on the same page.

One part of being on the same page is this: this is all about carrying, being responsible and worrying about everyone else in your life, which has a huge cost on your body. It costs things like, it can do anything minor from neck tension and you know, all the way up to, it can eventually, if you keep doing it over years and years, cause heart attacks and all sorts of things. No kidding, been proven, lots of scientific studies.

So this is about your health and vitality and your energy and all that kind of stuff.

So, first thing, I’m just going to ask you a series of questions:
If the entire Universe thought you were a good idea, and that you were meant to live the life that the Universe and you conspired on, in other words…

You’re a piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth. So, you’re a piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth, and that piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth that you are, the timing was in perfect timing, a rainbow could have been created, a star system, a galaxy….

But in that instant, in that moment, it was you. That, you know, it was you, that was meant to be here, at the same time as me, at the same time as all sorts of other people. We decided that we were going to play together, and build this amazing symphony together, we were going to Awaken something that’s possible on the planet.

Would you agree that, if your Spirit was a good idea, Infinite Wisdom decided to run it through that physicality, that physical body? That, to try to take your Spirit, and project what it’s like for another human being, is an interesting use of your time; would you agree?

Second question I’m going to ask is:

If Infinite Wisdom thought you should be running your Spirit through another’s body; in other words, worrying about something, or trying to understand how someone else feels, and then carrying them and trying to constantly do things to make them happy, wouldn’t your spirit be running through their body?

But, your spirit’s running through your body; you’re meant to feel your feelings.

You can’t actually, truly… you can feel a little bit of what else someone else is emanating, but you can’t get their perspective, because their perspective on it is actually held in their body.

So, you actually have no idea, and half the time the person who’s going through the thing that you’re observing doesn’t have any idea, either.

So, and would you agree that each of us is connected to the entire Universe, through 75 trillion cells that receive photons packages of information from consciousness? That’s how we have instincts and intuitions, right?

So, if we get instincts and intuitions from these photon packages of information, that aren’t explained by 3D, but you know we all get them….

Would you agree that the access to what Infinite Wisdom has as your solution to your problem is going to come through your telomeres, and going to be very specific to you?

Would you agree about that?

Would you say that that sounds good? You know, Infinite Wisdom has you in its arms, it’s responding to what’s happening in your life, right?

Now, would you say that the Universe loves someone else less, and doesn’t have the same wisdom to offer for that other person? Would you say that they’re less loved, they’re less cared for, they’re less embraced? Would you say that’s true?

Or, would you say that it might be true that the entire Universe operates with equanimity; it operates with equal love; it is loving of everyone equally?

So, is the problem that you have a greater connection than someone else that’s suffering, or is the problem that the person that’s suffering is having a hard time hearing their connection?

And, could it be possible that your solutions to their problems would be Infinite Wisdom solutions sent to you by photons, packages of information, responding to your worry about them; but, in fact, their solution can only come through them?

So, the only thing that you can do is actually start to understand that there is you as a vortex of all of Creation. You as a conduit for photon packages of wisdom that get sent and received back and forth to your body, and that they have theirs. And that the job is not to worry about them, because those photon packages of information are being received by them, and actually, by worrying about them, not only are you not giving them the confidence that they have their own connection to Source; you’re actually worrying that they don’t have a connection to Source.

But, they’re alive, aren’t they?

The most unselfish act that you can do, is actually stop worrying about, and carrying, the people that you love.

The most unselfish act that you can do, because what you’re doing, see, what they feel from you is, they already think they’re not capable, but now what you’re doing is buying into their idea that they’re not capable.

“I can’t do it… I don’t have the same connection as you.…”

The most powerful thing that you can do is, know like you know like you know.

That, if you had your connection and you have gone on your journey, that they can do it too….

You might not know how they’re going to get there, but that doesn’t matter, because Infinite Wisdom does; and you just have to show up as the example.

It’s not that they can’t get the information they need, it’s that they need people around them that are examples that it’s possible, without projecting that they’re broken and they need fixing.

And how you project that they’re broken and they need fixing, is you operate like they’re less capable, which is their Ego’s fear in the first place.

That they can’t do it.

So, you’re the example that they can.

And, by you having the knowing that they can; not the pretend confidence, not the “you’re going to fake it,” but you’re still a little bit afraid that they can’t?

How, now… you love me, right?

I’m going to say something. Please don’t take this as a judgment, but it’s pretty arrogant, right? Don’t you think that’s pretty arrogant?

The Universe gave everybody, give or take, the same number of trillion cells connected to Infinite Wisdom. The issue is learning, and having the confidence that it can be learned.

And people just need the examples, and you’re the radiating photon giving emanating example.

So, you should never apologize for leaning into your life, because for those that are ready, you are emanating the information that is possible, and they feel you.

And even if they kick and scream, and even if they don’t like it, even if you’re pushing every button that they have, they asked for you.

So, just remember that they asked for you, or you wouldn’t be near them, or you wouldn’t know them; they asked for you, ok?

And, most of the information that they wanted from you is not going to come from you trying to fix them, or carry them, or worry about them….

What that does is it costs you energy, and it also creates a hierarchy, which puts you a little bit above and them below, and you don’t want to do that.

I’m very careful in our programs that everybody knows that there are no gurus in the program, and that includes me. Maybe I have a lot more experience, maybe I’ve embodied a lot of stuff, but the cool thing is, after embodying a lot of my Innate Abilities and embodying those codes, what happens is you realize that everyone can do it.

And, you can feel from me, that I have absolutely no question in my mind; I mean, there just isn’t, it didn’t take convincing, I just know.

Because the more I know the more I know, the more I see our clients, the more I see, on a multi-dimensional level and on every kind of level, that there isn’t a human being alive, and I share this with you as my bio-photons are going out to yours, and you’re hearing me and feeling me, you know that it is true.

You can feel it, that everyone has that capacity; you can feel that my knowingness is getting paid forward to you right now, even as we’re talking. So, why not feel guilty? Why can we transmute all the guilt?

Because if you’re actually following what the heart of every cell says, and the expansive path for you, and Infinite Wisdom considers every single being on the planet, then you following the path for you is always going to be in the highest for everybody. And, you doing that makes you an example that it’s possible for everybody, and do you want to do that, or would you rather just emanate the vibes that someone is broken and they need fixing?

Ok, there’s your little daily tree-shaking; please don’t shoot the messenger.

And so, carrying people, as Adam says sometimes, “Carrying people bad… living life good.”

So, last little thing, for those of you that are like, “Oh my god! What would I do if I didn’t worry about people….”

That does not mean that you don’t care about people.

That doesn’t mean that the lovely woman across the street, whose husband just passed away and he’s in his 30s, does that mean that I’m not going to go over and give her a hug? Absolutely not.

Does that mean that she’s not going to come over and have a tea? Absolutely not.

Does that mean that I’m not going down to my neighbor who always cuts my lawn and give him a pie this summer? Completely not.

You do exactly what your heart calls you to, but you see, the energy with which you do it is not about that they’re broken and needing fixing, the energy with which you do it is just complete and total love and caring and doing what your heart calls you to.

And, it will be in the perfect timing, and it will be the perfect thing all the time.

But that requires presence, instead of the identity of trying to justify our existence by trying to get people to either approve of us, or not hate us, or whatever the case may be.

That has nothing to do with the piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth that you have the privilege of emanating and affecting thousands; so, you’ll affect thousands when you embody yourself, instead of one person at a time, by carrying one person at a time and then feeling guilty when you don’t do all the stuff you feel obligated to do.

Get my drift? Sound good? Ah, maybe, I don’t know, but I hope it does; or, I hope it makes sense, or at least maybe it just shakes your tree a little bit and makes you think about it.

Maybe you have questions and all that kind of stuff. You can always go to http://Facebook.com/WideAwakening, ask your questions. This video will be posted there; this video will be posted there, and if you think I’m completely off my rocker, because, I don’t care, because I’m not carrying you!

Ok, love you guys!