“There is no such thing as a wrong experience; there is only that which resonates, that which informs, and that which re-directs us.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

Do you ever feel like you want to “control the outcome,” so you can stay safe? The other day, I was in a workshop with a whole bunch of awesome journeyers, and I realized that my notes did not apply to the direction of the conversation. In fact, we were going in a direction that I had never been before. My mind sure wanted to get the conversation back on track, because goodness knows where this would go… I wanted to control!

So, please join me in this excerpt from our wonderful Quantum Wake-Up Calls™, and be sure to sign up to join us for this week’s call on Thursday. For more on how we let our adventures remove the need for control and allow us to sing, dance and play, watch here…

With an open heart,



You were born free. The cosmic 3-year-old is truly the absolute pinnacle of expression for what a human being can be. You were born to play with nature. You were born to be curious about each other. You were born to experiment with what’s possible in life, and what’s possible for creating upon Creation.

You have so many skills at your fingertips. But, we get so caught up in the every day, and managing life so that it doesn’t turn out the way we’re afraid it might. Instead of going on vaster and vaster adventures, through which you would discover that there really was nothing to be afraid of in the first place, you learn that the remedy, the resolution, the homeopathic moment for all fears is to go and explore things that might push the boundaries of what make you feel comfortable, so that you can expand your world out to include more in it. All of a sudden your need to control will be less because you have access to more resources. The more you push your boundaries, like a muscle, the more you’re asking the muscle to lift, the bigger your muscle gets. The more you ask your life to be, the bigger your muscle gets to be able to dance with everything; therefore, your fears start to disappear and dissipate.

The solution to feeling out of control is most certainly not to protect and avoid! The solution is to actually go on the experience of the adventure, in such a way that you see that you are always being held in the arms of the Universe. It isn’t about your being in control; it’s about your being in a dance. Your entire life is about dancing with what’s in front of you because nothing would be put in front of you except for the idea that it’s happening FOR you. It will bring you greater compassion, greater skills, expanded awareness, more understanding, deeper knowledge….

Your experiences in life did not happen so that you could run around collecting evidence of how you don’t want that to happen again. Find a way to look at your experiences, such that you know they were experiences that enriched you and gave you deeper understanding of yourself and others. They were perfect reflections of your magnetics and there was truly nothing wrong; it was simply just an experience. Some experiences are far less enjoyable than others, but at the same time, you don’t know what your future holds and whom you’ll meet. You don’t know whom you’ll have to assist, and what you’ll have to say, and the knowledge that you’ll need; but, with all certainty, I can definitely say that whatever you’re living now is going to get paid forward in this lifetime or another lifetime, and none of it is wrong. There’s nothing ever wrong; there’s only an experience, and it may not be controlled. More than likely, if we approach it with curiosity, and allow it to redirect us down different paths, what results is a series of what I like to call, “or betters,” that you couldn’t have intended because your mind couldn’t have caught up to them.

If you’re up for that kind of adventure, then control is highly overrated. Who wants to control when you can sing and dance and play with it all?