“Surviving occurs when you spend your life trying to release or control your fears. Thriving happens when you come to such an evolution in your thinking that fears simply become irrelevant. One takes lifetimes, and the other less than a year. Which path are you going to choose?”
Jennifer Hough

In the past, I was simply interested in surviving better than I was currently surviving. I didn’t even know at the time that I had equated “really, really, really” good survival as “thriving.” But it isn’t.

Recently I was on a call with some clients, and it was apparent that others were operating from that same place that I used to.

Here’s an example of Surviving: Getting out of stuckness eventually, having a fairly big roller coaster of emotions, life/people/politics takes you out and eventually you find your way back to your heart. You also have energy for the things you absolutely need to do, but not for the extras.

Here’s an example of Surviving pretty well: This is what I used to aim for; but read the next paragraph after this one, to see where we are headed. I have tools for getting out of stuckness quickly, for raising my vibration every morning to reset, when the world takes me out, I know exactly how to get back in my flow. I can muster up the energy to do most things with a little conscious effort.

Here is what Thriving looks like: The Universe just delivers me unimagined results without my asking all day long, or needing to intend. I live in overflow of all of the things that I used to work hard for. The energy I need is always available. I can do what I need to do, and what I love to do, without compromising. Events and people that used to throw me off, aren’t even around me any more. Redirects and resets are exciting versus challenging, because clarity is available on demand. I CARRY NOTHING, AND HAVE CHILD LIKE ENERGY ALL DAY LONG.

I didn’t even realize that some people don’t even know that thriving is available to anyone; ANYONE!

It is just a different operating system that we can all learn.

It became apparent that my life’s work is driven by a yearning to teach humanity how to thrive. It’s to assist us all to upload the operating system that leads to living in the exponential flow that is akin to how the whole Universe works. Humans work wayyyyy too hard (like I used to do).

Recently, I had a great conversation with a dear friend about the difference between those born to thrive, and those who are okay with surviving.

Thrivers are pretty tired of self-analysis. They feel their hearts calling them. They know there is more to them, and to their journeys, than is currently happening, and that feeling calls to them.

Those who live in order to survive are okay with fixing themselves forever more, and generally don’t mind giving their power away to others to tell them answers.

Thrivers want to become masters of finding their own answers, and don’t mind getting the help they need to be their own Gurus.

Oh sure, there is always a time to be introspective; but consider that it takes a lot less time than you think to live completely up to date with all of your thriving Super Powers. Imagine what it would be like to dawn a way of being that has you be in effortless flow as your natural state; where what you need simply comes to you as you create forward, without the drama….

Would that be a different life for you?

It’s been a very different experience for me: In love, in finances, in energy, in health, and in just about every area of my life.

But I had to understand the operating system first, and I would so love to pay that forward to you.

– Jennifer…xoxo