“Ultimately, there are only catalyzing events or inspiring events. If we look at life that way, then we are always facing forward, clear on what to build next.”
Jennifer Hough

I get really humbled, and hopeful, for the world.

Here’s why…

About 20 years ago, friends of ours were in big trouble on their ranch. They had a not-so-nice neighbor who put them through legal devastation. The ranch owner was a renowned horse whisperer known all over Ontario, kinda grumpy, but totally endearing. He liked horses more than people.

My friend needed help and, with five phone calls, I had an entire local group of people show up to paint, fix fences, raise barns and restore beauty to this very special place. There was one person in the group who thought I was doing it for my own gain, which of course was false, but he constantly sent me emails telling me how “he knew my secret plot.” It affected me for a while, because I didn’t like that someone didn’t “get me,” didn’t see that what I was doing was good, and even worse, was so skeptical of peoples’ good nature.

Generally, we are good, regardless of race, religion, color, background or status. We want to do good, and when the chips are down, we pick them up and chip in, if given the opportunity. It feels good to be an agent for something good to happen.

And, it starts with you. First, you have to be good to yourself, and how you’ll know that you have been is that you will find a sense of overflow of health, energy, good mood, and willingness to help. If you are not there yet, that’s okay. I love to help people remember their flow, and then overflow onto humanity; that’s the whole reason we created The Wide Awakening.

The only way things turn around is if you become a relentless champion of your own overflow/vibration/focus, which means even being aware of the questions you ask. I know it’s hard not to focus on what is possible, when what is in front of you looks limited.

It’s not that we don’t get stuck (even a country can get stuck). It’s that we continue to focus on what’s wrong, and re-create it. What’s wrong is only there to give clarity on a new direction, and once that is in view, it’s time to shift focus. Being righteous, or collecting evidence for what is wrong, only recreates what you are looking at over and over again. It’s just physics.

Ultimately, It’s a choice. And I get it; some of the stuff that has happened to all of us is awful. And, we can use the compassion we gain from those circumstances to build something new.My mother used to say, when I got down and was overwhelmed: “You have air to breathe, people who love you, sunsets, a heart that beats, a bed to sleep on, and so much more.” I was never in the space to hear it because I was miserable as a teenager. Kind of like the guy sending me the emails I mentioned earlier.

NOW, I have compassion for skeptics and naysayers. I also know that they will benefit from the world the rest of us are focused on building together. And in some future time, even in another life, their hearts will open.

Instead of looking at the people who seem lost to me as the reason I lose hope, I use them as my catalyst to change. They are more unfulfilled in life than I ever was, because I got out of it.

In honor of the beautiful masterpiece that you are, face forward and be catalyzed; but what you observe is sub-optimal.

Or don’t, but I’m gonna keep building… know anyone who wants to join me?

– Jennifer…xoxo