How did I do it? Live 35 years as a “proving” machine thinking that life was all about perfection, and getting it right. Getting “being a good person” right. Getting “success” right. Getting “being a coach” right. It’s exhausting.

It’s exhausting for a reason. If a way of living feels expansive (versus confining and tiring), that’s because we are aligned with the river of energy that is consciousness. The Universe (God, Goddess, Creation, or whatever you wish to call that which creates) in its infinite wisdom gave us feelings to let us know if our thoughts and actions are in alignment, or not. The Universe is always in creative flow… and there is a hint here; definitely give a listen to the video!

Experience the video with your cells, versus your ears, and make sure you take in the science and practicalities of knowing you are in your groove.

Hope to see you on the upcoming Monthly Wake-Up Call.

With Love,

Jennifer xo

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