Have you ever heard someone say something that was so mind-blowing, and you knew it was profound, but you had to walk away to process it? Maybe it even took you a few months or a year to really get the deeper meaning.

Well, the idea that time doesn’t exist, except for the convenience of three-dimensional beings being able to play on Earth, was a little brain-bending for me at first; how about you?

But I couldn’t help from being drawn to understand it.

To take it further, the idea that everything really only exists right now, on some plain, again was fascinating to me, but I really wasn’t sure at first if that had any meaning for me personally.  I mean, how does that knowledge impact my day-to-day?

Here’s how:

It means that the constants are what endure; love and gravity, for instance.

It means that the greatest work I can do (and you, too) is to master envisioning an expansive future, and experiencing the reality of that unfolding future in my every day.  That you and I are alchemists in the most practical sense.

It means that all is possible; when we live NOW, but the same ole same ole is possible when we live in fear.

I think you’ll love this video!

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With Love,

Jennifer xo


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