“Imagine how your life would be if you knew every second of every day that the entire Universe has your back. Know it’s possible; that’s the first step.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Photo: ©2016JeannieSelda – Heart Rock

Dear You:

I remember the first time I felt safe enough to make a quantum leap in my ability to let the entire Universe in… it was on a chiropractor’s table two decades ago. My head felt like it was almost coming off; it was ecstatic (some might call it like a Kundalini opening). I felt so much love, and at that moment I could feel that anything was truly possible, and everything I needed is always available to me.

In the week that followed, it was incredible to witness how the next steps for all the projects I was working on showed up in total clarity. I watched all the people and conversations show up in divine flow, to assist me in making exponential shifts with our clients and my family. It was then that I knew we could all live in the Miracle Zone. I have spent the rest of my life receiving the experiences, practices and Activations that assist us all to do that.

Did you know that, when you experience an Activation, it trains your body to get used to living in the Miracle Zone, such that it becomes your new normal? Yep… and each Activation helps you integrate differently, and fly in new ways. This one is no exception!

Join me in this expansive Activation and learn more… Watch above!

With an open heart,




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