“Bring the remembrance, the love, the harmony into your body…”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Photo: Jeannie Selda 2016 – Whitehorse

Dear You:

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when the environment of the world at large is shifting so quickly, and there is so much contrast.

I’ve felt it myself, and have had to do quite a bit of additional grounding to stay in my flow. I didn’t even mention last week’s huge solar flares.

Imagine, all of this on top of just living our lives! If you are like me, and you truly are letting yourself be called by your clarity and blossoming life, including the ability to put the density and struggle outside of you, and coming up 100,000 feet to see what Infinite Wisdom might see… this is invaluable to maintain perspective and neutrality.

It’s such a good time to become a master of dancing with Infinite Wisdom directly, and not to be challenges. Quantum leaps can be made when we don’t let life take us out, as we can stay in our hearts, and therefore stay in “the flow.”

Join me in this amazing Activation that really assists! Watch here…

With an open heart,