“You are simply pure possibility that has landed in human form. That’s why Creating upon Creation feels expansive, and analyzing why there’s something wrong with you feels awful!”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Photo: Jeannie Selda 2016 – Whitehorse

Dear You:

Recently, I’ve gone through a huge time of change. That time of change was followed by a series of events that could have been incredibly distracting, if I had let them. Renovating a house, fleas, my sweetie temporarily moving to another state. I asked myself three questions during this time:

1. Is this happening FOR me, or TO me?
2. What do I want to give my energy to? (Are all my reactions to these changes the reason I’m on the planet, or my Ego’s judgments because life is not fitting my pretty picture?)
3. Am I willing to let love for my life win?

If we were all born to be Creators in human form, then our flow happens when we are Creating. We were born to bring what’s possible into reality, and shift the old paradigms of analysis, density and judgment. We are being catalyzed to focus on our purpose, by being made uncomfortable when we do anything else… are you feeling it?

Are you up for the challenge?
This will help!

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With an open heart,