“What’s possible is a complete disengagement from any drama, ever. That’s where you’ll find access to the information you need to shift any kind of struggle – fully in the present moment, with no distractions.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Photo: Jeannie Selda, Jennifer Hough,
& Adam Lamb

Dear You:

How do you transcend being reactive in your relationships permanently? What does it take to actually shift and change your default?

Today, I was reminded. I have just had a week of potentially huge amounts of drama, and it would have been major drama if I let my Ego run away with me. Sometimes it did… ugh, and it was no fun. But most of the time, I found myself coming back to a place where I just enjoyed what was in front of me, even though the circumstances hadn’t changed much. It’s like the collective Ego wanted my attention. And at the same time, it was as though the Universe was giving me a deeper test: “Jennifer, how much do you actually know what you know? And can you actually be taken away from your juicy journey if we throw you some curve balls? How much can you take? Will you break?” The answer is, NO. Because I choose… isn’t it so powerful just to have the willingness to choose?

So while typing this message, I look up and there is a pair of cardinals that fly right in front of me (they are powerful, attention-getting messengers). Then I continue to type, and I look to my right, and there is another bright red cardinal beside me, and it flies away! The redirections, messages and messengers are all around us, but we have to choose to know cellularly that everything is happening for us. We must choose to know that everything we need is in front of us, if we stop engaging the perceived “brokenness” of it all. Relax, for goodness sakes. Your cardinal is likely right near you as we speak.

I want to share a little bit more about the experiences that will cause you to have a new default way of being; like our Get Out Of Your Own Way™ To Relationships That Rock program that is coming up on July 29, 2017.

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With an open heart,