Never forget and always remember!

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“Ultimately, there are only catalyzing events or inspiring events.
If we look at life that way, then we are always facing forward,
clear on what to build next.

Jennifer Hough

Did you know that in Canada it is Remembrance Day today? I thought to myself, Remembrance Day is such a beautiful name for a special day. I remember when speaking in churches and synagogues all over the world, the words “never forget” were posted in significant places throughout. I know from my vulnerable conversations with some of the elders of these places of worship, that what is known as “Veterans Day” in the US, is a time not only to “never forget,” it is a significant time to “always remember.”

In these times of viruses, political division, media wars and power games, the greatest thing we can do to prevent “world wars” is to stop giving our power away to any “side”. That requires a very strong sense of self, a sense of compassion, an inner strength, and a connection to your Greater Source of wisdom beyond fallible humans. It requires your heart’s knowing deeper truths, so you can transcend the laziness of letting yourself get distracted by noise.

“Never forgetting” is only part of the equation of shifting humanity. It is really the remembering of our divine nature, the privilege it is to be alive, the sunsets and starscapes we all have in common, children’s laughter, the puppy next door, the privilege of unconditional pets, the beauty of a sunrise, and the dynamics of the perfectly imperfect family at this time of year.

My neighbors don’t know what I know, or see how I see. The born-again Christian family down the street came, ripped up my carpet, and helped me sanitize a horrible mess in my house when I moved in, while my sweetie was at a job out of town. I was totally overwhelmed. When we first moved in, five of my neighbors brought us food just to say welcome. When Mouse (our dog) ran away, I had all sorts of people hunting for him, and not one of them cared about my political beliefs. They cared about my heart. I cared about theirs.

So, let’s all be catalyzed by the division and manipulation that has come before in our history, to never forget them ,so that we can always remember that we are connected to solutions, no matter how hard it seems. It is a time to remember that you are powerful.

Your greatest act of leadership is not to lead a war against your neighbor, because that is just following someone else’s hype. Someone else’s side. Someone else’s “facts.” Your greatest act of leadership is to stand for solutions and evolutions that include everyone and allow us all to thrive together. That is bucking the system.

I, personally, am on the side of humanity. I’m on the side of coming together. I’m on the side of not listening to the news. I’m on the side of knowing the facts and letting them catalyze me to be even more resolved about being kind and inclusive.

Does that mean I don’t know about how people are being manipulated? On the contrary. Every single side of the current way we are being fed information is a manipulation: Right, left, vaccine, no vaccine, hoax, not hoax, conspiracy, and/or head in the sand. Yep, I’ve studied it all.

I’ve come to the same conclusion every time.

Learn how to be a sovereign being. Rise above the noise.

Get clear about your knowing and your intuition; way above the arguments for sides.

If you want a different world, your energy needs to be focused on the world you want, not on the ones that you perceive are ruining the world you have.

Physics says you will just get more of what you don’t want. Look around you; I think we have lots of evidence of that.

Find what it is that we all have in common that speaks to you, and realize that love, family, kindness, compassion, and our children’s happiness is something we ALL desire.

It is a world where everyone can win. One person’s winning does not mean another has to lose. That is what “they” don’t want you to believe. It’s a distraction.

Creation created all of us. We all can thrive. Learn how to do that yourself, and become a beacon, activator, and example for all the others who are begging for someone to show them the way.

I love Remembrance Day. 1 plus 1 equals 11. You plus me. Let’s remember the ones we lost and honor them.

From there we can remember that peace starts with how we are in the world. You don’t have to go outside your community to do that. Imagine if everyone took responsibility for their own inner wars and found peace.

And, what if we used that neutrality and listened for the heart-felt action that might make the world a better place, instead of pointing fingers. We wouldn’t need to get our power from another, would we?

Remember: Be catalyzed by the past and remember when others have been brave, so that you could also be brave enough to create the world you want, despite all the pulling and distractions on the craziness out there.

Prevent war. I’m a fan.

Live in an expansive world where we all get to co-create, inspired by our differences and catalyzed by what doesn’t work, all while being called by a vision. I’m a mega-fan of that!

I wonder, who’s going to lead that movement?

Will you join me?

Maybe you already have.

Remembering the past is okay as a catalyst, but to truly honor those who have fought for freedom, wouldn’t it be smart if we remembered what it takes to build the world we desire??

Just saying.

Thank you to everyone who came before us, who did what they could to keep us safe.

It’s up to us now to make sure we flourish. Together. Time to Thrive.

Peace out.

With love,

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