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“It’s time to resign as General Manager of the Universe.
There already is one, and he/she/it/they are waiting for your instructions.
That is, unless you want to keep doing it all yourself?

Jennifer Hough

We are born little mini-Creators, and we act like it.

Then we are taught that the world is hard, that there are 3D rules, and that you have to fit in.

For me, and maybe you, too, I was also made well aware of what a good, productive person does by church, school and through my family. I also had many incidents that taught me why I might not be worthy or enough.

Lone wolf. People actually used to call me that! I already felt I was on the outside, because I saw the world differently than anyone else.

This is where Independence Disease starts. The instant you perceive yourself as “not enough,” or not worthy of your life or blessings, then your journey becomes one of survival, proving and working hard. Why? Because when you start surviving, by definition you have excluded your guides, your alchemical nature, and your greater wisdom. They only join you when you decide you are NOT alone. “Survival” requires that you declare you will have to go on your journey yourself; otherwise, you wouldn’t be the one proving your worth. After all, you can’t prove your worth unless you do it all by yourself!

I was walking to a Tube station in Chelsea, London, one day and BAM, I realized that the only way this world could find its flow is if we all lead it there. Together. I was so deep into my independence disease that I was carrying bags down the stairs of the Tube… big ones, by myself. I didn’t ask for help. One man offered and I said. “No thanks,” and then I just stopped in the hallway of the Tube station and thought, “What did I just do?”.

I asked myself the question, “Am I here to live out all that is possible? Or am I here to keep proving that ‘I can do it,’ ‘I’m strong,’ ‘I’ve got this.’” “My input is valuable!”

Aren’t I really here to fall in love with my life, using my skills in the most fulfilling way, while thriving and paying it all forward to others? I feel my heart calling me every day!

It was then that I realized that independence was overrated.

I started realizing how many relationships and controls I had created to remain independent and keep people out. Which basically made my life much harder than it had to be.

The natural extrapolation of that journey is the creation of Get Out of Your Own Way™ to Wake Up Inspired Everyday, and Thriving Operating System programs.

Please do yourself and your heart a favor.

Resign as General Manager of the Universe; there already is one, and he/she/it/they are waiting for your instructions. You know, unless you want to keep doing it all yourself?

Just saying.

Love you…So glad you are part of SOUL family; it was getting lonely out there!

Here’s to waking up… together.

With love,

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