“Love is something that isn’t just three-dimensional… it’s every-dimensional.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

Love. The word “Love” is a small one, just four little letter; but, that little word packs a pretty big punch.

But why is that so? It’s interesting when you watch the movie, Interstellar… how there were two ingredients necessary to make quantum shifts and reach across Universe and Dimensions. One was Gravity and the other was Love. Neither requires time nor geography.

If you want to shift humanity, it can’t be done by “going against” what you don’t want, as that only affects three dimensions. It is not efficient. The only way to bring the world to a place of fluidity and harmony is: powerful, wicked, forthright, unapologetic, laser beamed, razor sharp, and downy soft… relentlessly courageous love.

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With an open heart,


Nature Always Survives

Hi there! It’s Jennifer here!

I’m feeling some love! And the reason I’m feeling some love is because I remember being catalyzed by a movie called, “The Adjustment Bureau”… initially… and I remember, before that there was “Interstellar”… and I just saw “Dr. Strange.” All had messages embedded that crossed dimensions… because of love.

My Sweetie and I talk about these movies because we find that a lot of these are catalyzing and opening portals to information that have been missing from humanity, in a way that even a conversation couldn’t do.

Let’s talk about “Interstellar” for a second. In the movie, “Interstellar,” humanity is dying, the planet’s going to be fine because the planet will rejuvenate herself… as we found out when I was in Ecuador, … the Natives there, the Achuar and scientists that study the rain forest, said that when there are Ice Ages, the whole world gets re-populated from the Rainforests. So, the Rainforest in Africa and in South America are the two places where the seeds, and the flora and fauna, actually re-populate the entire rest of the planet… which is quite fascinating because those places are affected, but there’s still enough life left.

So, nature always survives. But, what else survives? What else? So, let’s talk about multi-dimensional survival: In those movies, what is true of all three of them is that LOVE transcends every dimension. So, in “Interstellar,” the world is going to heck in a hand-basket, and Matthew McConaughey ends up in the Fifth Dimension, and he reaches through the Fifth Dimension using two things that transcend every dimension. And, at first, you think there’s only one thing, called “gravity”… he can conjure up this… some… someone… something conjures up a three-dimensional replica of 3-D, in 5-D; and he’s able to send messages to his daughter, so his messages can help to save humanity. So, because, of course, it’s not the world that’s dying, it’s people that are going to die, because nature is saving herself. So, he sends messages to his daughter by pushing on books from Fifth Dimension, using gravity, which transcends all the dimensions. But, by the end of the movie, you get that the other aspect that permeates every dimension is love. That also transcends all the rules in “The Adjustment Bureau;” it also is what has everything work in “Avatar”… it’s love.

Love is something that isn’t just three-dimensional… it’s every-dimensional. In fact, it’s every-dimensional because it makes up everything. So, even in our programs, I’m very clear that the power is due to the love of our team for you… the amount of love that pours through when we’re working together. That’s what enables me and you to be able to reach into those other dimensions and transmute past-lives, transmute thousands of… you know… ancestral issues and be able, have us able, to Activate future trajectories that didn’t even exist before. Because, love transcends space and time.

So, I just wanted to share that with you as you’re thinking about the question: is it possible to shift the planet? Is it possible to change things with your children, or with people you love, or with your family? It is not only possible, but highly likely, and it requires those kinds of Activations and that kind of an Awakening, and your willingness to go to the place where it’s effortless… which is the place in the heart of every one of your 75 trillion cells, where you emanate the deeper truth… that love can win. And, even last night, as Adam and I were having a conversation about something that was a little bit in our way… it was so amazing for me to see that love won, and transmuted it all!

So, today the message is… How much are you willing to love again? How much are you willing to let love win? How much are you wiling to understand the power of love, combined with courage and action? And that is our message for today. Now, let’s see if you and I can go and be an example of that for the next little bit, or maybe for a whole lifetime.

Alright! We’ll see you… ’til next time. Love you lots… for real! [Blows kiss]