“And in an expansive state, from 100,000 feet up, we can see what’s really going on, because there’s nothing pulling on us… not an ideology, not a righteous belief, not any of it. From here, it can all come to you. Now you are free from attachment.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Bye 2016

Dear You:

I wanted to make sure, as we round the corner to 2017, that this month was all about prepping you, your body, and your multi-dimensional biology for what’s coming, because it’s a lot!

This Activation, an excerpt from our juicy Quantum Wake-Up Calls™, will help you on your way!

I think this will also assist you in freeing yourself from the shoulds, people and circumstances that pull on you, so that you can gain clarity of direction in every moment. We can’t afford to be taken out by life, when, after all, there is so much change going on!

Watch here…

With an open heart,


Freedom from Being Pulled by Anything

Everybody, close your eyes for a minute.

Let’s bring all of you forward, into the now, the “you” that the Universe saw long before you got here, that’s been evolved upon over eons and even this present lifetimes’ years… where your heart has grown, your understanding has deepened… you’re freer in the present moment. That person, on that trajectory, is in this conversation right now; whether you’re listening to a recording, or listening live.

That person who is consistently seeking deeper truth and deeper answers… that’s constantly freeing themselves up, such that they can constantly see things new and find a way to love and to live in flow, even more deeply with all of nature, and human beings, and the Earth and the planet and the Cosmos around them. That’s who you are. Everything else is not you.

So, let’s take all that which is not you… all that which is worry or fear… all that which is angst, all that which seems stagnant, all that which seems unfair, or unjust… all that which causes you fear… all that you’re attached to. We’re going to put it all outside of us, and send it all into the field, so that all that remains is you. All that remains is you… all that remains is the totality of the amazing being that the entire Universe saw before you got here… evolved upon by life, as the expansive, creative, consistently love-expanding being that you are. Let’s just be there. That’s all that we are… there’s no kids, there’s no wives, there’s no husbands, there’s no “I’m single,” there’s no elections, there’s economic downturns, there’s nothing… it’s all outside, it’s all in the field.

Higher Levels, Galactic Ancestry, all of the Collective Consciousness that comprises Infinite Wisdom it’s taking care of all of it. All that’s left is this light bomb; this light bomb of expansiveness called “You”… that’s all there is, everything else doesn’t exist. And you’re right here, right now.

Now, from this position, with everything that ever happened to you… that ever triggered injustice, that ever triggered… you know… the world, you know, conflicts that ever triggered any of it… your worries, your fears… it’s all outside of you, everything, the whole past trajectory connected to it, everything you’re attached to, you know, that may feel like a comfy, cozy blanket… it’s all outside of you… you’re just this expansive being that came here with love… right here, right now.

Can you feel all the answers that are awaiting? Are you willing to drop the issue; are you willing to drop it? Such that the “or better” can occur? Not for your good, not because you ahve to prove your worth, or you have to prove you deserve, or you have to prove… you, you, you, you, you… not for any of that, but because you’re an expansive being – dancing with a bunch of other expansive beings,, creating upon Creation in ways that have never happened before… in ways that have never been possible before, with all of your Innate Abilities intertwining and exponentially what’s possible for the future of humanity, the future of the Universe, the future of all of it… that’s what you’re really doing here.

And in that expansive state, from 100,000 feet up, we can see what’s really going on, because there’s nothing pulling on you… not an ideology, not a righteous belief, not any of it. And, from this place, it can all come to you… you truly are free, this IS freedom from attachment. But now, you’re able to dance with everything.

And I wonder what would happen if every morning you re-listened to this particular Activation. I wonder what would happen if we all did that, instead of listening to the voice of our fears, or our attachments, or our annoyances. would that be powerful? Would that change things? Would that assist? Well… let’s see… why don’t we use this Activation as a told, until the next time we do Quantum Wake-Up Calls™, and see what happens… right?