Manifestation is a funny thing


“The Universe is not cruel, it is benevolent.
What happens in your life is simply information
to let you know where your vibe is at. Period.
You don’t need to judge it,
just take the feedback and act accordingly.

Jennifer Hough

I was hanging out with some friends the other week (Dr. Merina and Rayne), and we talked about how ‘manifestation’ actually happens. We chatted about it, and have been surprised at how many people don’t really understand how it works.

I am happy for the Secret movie way back when, as it opened doors to a deeper conversation.

Living a life in flourishing flow is a much more elegant process than most people understand to be true which is why I feel so passionate about the subject.

In my exploration of Physics, Biology and fractals, it became pretty apparent 15 years ago that manifestation has nothing to do with mental intention. In fact, intention by the mind, is a manifestation in and of itself. We catch up to the thoughts we receive.

So, just for fun, here’s what manifestation has NOTHING to do with:

Intention – Instead, it concerns our frequency, mghz, and mood. Based on where we are, we become available to solutions and circumstances matching those vibes. We don’t manifest what we intend, we are a frequency match to what is waiting for us and, when we are, it comes into 3D reality.

What you think about – What you think about, if you’re not deliberate, is generally what you’ve been thinking about, unless you change your mood, when what you think about will match your vibe.

Goodness or badness – There are no good or bad manifestations. There is only what happens in your life. This is a direct reflection of your willingness to be responsible for how you feel, instead of being a victim of life, illness or others.

Doing it right, imagining it right, visioning specifically enough – Your life manifests. More perceptively enjoyable things come when you are responsible for doing your best to feel good, blessed and in grace as often as possible. Consciousness doesn’t bring you things according to your ability to ‘intend’ correctly. It cares about your frequency.

Deserving what you manifest or being good enough for it – The Universe is not cruel, it’s benevolent. What happens in your life is simply information to let you know where your vibe is currently. Period. You don’t need to judge it, just take the feedback and act accordingly.

Being some kind of metaphysical master – People who know about the physics and the metaphysics of receiving things, connections and circumstances don’t have manifestations happen more or less. They’re no more magical than those who know nothing about these things. Manifestation happens equally to all people.

YOU DO NOT have to fix yourself first before you can receive. Anyone can simply, with some discipline, find their way to a receptive flow without fixing one single incident from the past. WHAT???????

Things you need to know about the subject:

Stop trying to manifest stuff using mental intent.

The Universe already hears you. Your life is a walking, living, breathing example of your intention through your every action, word and deed. What you’ve asked for needs no words. Every hardship or struggle you’ve experienced came with equal and opposite yearnings. All of it was heard. The Universe is omnipotent and omniscient.

Getting specific about what you want is a waste of energy, that’s not the way it works. By the time you’re clear on specifics, you’re actually manifesting the vision of the specifics BECAUSE of your alignment.

Long before you put the picture on your vision board, consciousness was already orchestrating you finding that picture in the first place, because it matched the trajectory you were ALREADY ON. EVEN THE PICTURE IS A MANIFESTATION OF YOUR GREATER SELF TELLING YOU WHERE YOU ARE ALREADY HEADING.

Relax, you are so incredibly loved. Stop worrying about ‘mis-manifesting’.

Feeling bad or upset one day is magnetic for sure, but there is grace in the Universe. Lower frequency feelings have exponentially less manifesting power than good moods and feeling blessed. One person in grace, counteracts 10’s of thousands of people who are upset.

You’re not that important in intending what you want, but you are super important in receiving what you didn’t even know you wanted. The best days are when what comes your way is beyond what your mind intended. That kind of life is our natural state.

Struggle slows you down. Understand the problem can only exist if the solution does as well (law of entanglement). There are ways to transcend the need to struggle and consistently and easily line up with the solutions. Too much to talk about here.

People ask me why I get so excited about our work in Embodiment. It’s because there is an operating system called “The Thriving Operating System”, available for everyone.

It follows the foundational laws of the smallest parts of us and, therefore, affects all atomic and subatomic particles. It’s simple, but not well practiced in this world. There are so many old paradigms we are moving through right now which have taken us all off track.

This world is designed for us to flourish, but not through making Manifestation yet another thing to ‘master’ or struggle at mastering. The very paradigm in which we created the beliefs around manifestation is fraught with the idea that we are solo acts in the Universe, that we are all alone and all-important as 3D human beings. The developed world created the idea that hard work is the key to everything, and that manifesting happens only when you’re doing it right.

Survival created this old-school way of looking at existence. However, we experience a thriving existence. You’re not alone, you’re more subatomic than atomic, and it’s not a human-centric Universe. We’re extensions of SOURCE into 3D who experience receiving abundance in the dance with the rest of existence. Hard work is a human invention. If you witness the night sky, or a forest, neither have to try to grow, or evolve, or expand or turn into dust … it just happens. We’re made of the same particles and are subject to the same laws.

We’re not here to get it right. We’re here to enjoy the process of contrast and receive creative inspiration and 3D results in our lives because it is all here to be enjoyed.

Mark your calendar for December 30, we’re going to end this year METAPHYSICALLY MANIFESTING THE YEAR TO COME!

Stay tuned for the announcement, and activate your biology for the dream that is dreaming you!

With deep love



Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean it can’t flow 💓…

Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean it can’t flow 💓…

Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean it can’t flow…

Since the beginning of 2024, I have been watching myself going through a patch where everything that wasn’t handled, cleaned up or in alignment is coming up to leave, be healed or full circled.

And these are big things, not little things… my health, and realigning with business things and love-related stuff. Yep, three major areas.

It could be overwhelming if I judged it. And trust me, it’s a lot. And it’s very real.

So how to move through these times …

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It seems scary to go through change…

It seems scary to go through change…

It seems scary to go through change. For me, just as much as anyone else.The question is, which part is scared? It’s the part that has to die for the expanded version to become the new you, able to sustain the dream you’re dreaming.

Our true infinite soul never dies, so YOU are not afraid to die, but rather the part of you that feels comfy, familiar and predictable.

Somehow, for me personally, distinguishing between the true ME and the identities (aspects of my personality) that are trying to protect me gives me a little solace and lessens my need for courage.

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Permanent shifts in your cells and what it takes…

Permanent shifts in your cells and what it takes…

The topic of shifting your default way of being, is near and dear to me because I realized I take it for granted that people fully understand it but have realized they don’t. I really appreciated a recent conversation with a member of our community. It brought home to me that most people don’t relate to permanent shifts because either they don’t believe they’re possible, or feel what they have is their lot in life.

Actually, this is where my parents were. I probably could do it a lot better, but I can’t have that, that quantum leaping thing. Do you know what I mean Aditya ?

When I look at people who effortlessly receive abundance, they seem to have the DNA of being able to dance with money in a way you’ve never experienced. How do you make that permanent shift?

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