From The Wide Awakening, May 28, 2015

Remember, you started as a ‘seed’ too!…

“The Universe doesn’t respond in the least to how perfectly you do, say or intend something. It simply responds to the trajectory of your actions and love in your heart. Act accordingly.”~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable)

Dear You,

A little tomato seed (which I just planted yesterday), does not care if you are impatient for tomatoes. Interestingly, as it starts to grow, have buds, bear fruit and then ripen up… isn’t it amazing just watching the process? Generally, don’t we look at all of it as a bit of a fascinating adventure? It’s fun to see what happens as it blossoms forward!

Umm, remember you started as a seed too. I bet that the Creative Force that ‘planted’ you also views your life as a magnificent adventure… who are you to argue?

Just saying.


P.S. Have you been arguing with the Universe? How’s it going? For the Universe, even your argument over your worthiness and magnificence is adorable… sigh, so annoying.  🙂

P.S. Feel free to pass it on!

Oh! And… feel free to comment below. I love that!