“Consider this… It is not the other person who is bothering you… it is your expectation that they should be other than they are.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

I was reminded recently that often we are attached to an expectation, and we measure others against that expectation. What if we only attach expectations to increase the perceived likelihood that we will be “safe” if others meet them? What if someone meeting our expectations will NOT make us safer or more secure?

Isn’t it our Ego that attaches to ideas that someone should change to make us happy, or behave differently so that we won’t be unhappy? The Universe made all of us free to choose, free to be around those we choose, and also free to make a difference, instead of feeling like a victim. That can look many ways.

How about, instead, we live in the wonder of who people are? That way, life remains an adventure and others are free to hold themselves to their own magnificence.




P.S. Oh my gosh! What are we gonna do with all this extra time, now that we’re not waiting for everyone to change!